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Walter SHORT

SHORT, Walter - This photo was contributed by Harold Thomas JELBART. He is descended from Jane SPICER who was the sister of Elizabeth SHORT (nee SPICER). Jane was the last child to leave home, and inherited the photo that Elizabeth had originally sent to her parents years earlier.


The aim of this site is to provide a consolidated database for Short family members around the world. This is not achievable without your support and input. We also have a Facebook page where people can connect and read posts from other Short researchers.

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3 Nov 2014 - Funeral of Bishop Ken Short AO
Bishop Ken Short AO, former missionary, military chaplain, Dean of Sydney and Bishop of Wollongong, Parramatta and the Defence Forces, has died at the age of 87. Bishop Short suffered a massive stroke last month and died on Sunday, 19th October. The video below, for those interested is available only for a short time before it will be taken offline.

Video now offline!
16 Oct 2014 - Update
The Short Family Tree website is not sponsored or endorsed by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The old search engine of the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (available prior to 23 June 2014) cannot be accessed from the Short Family Tree website.

14 Apr 2014 - PRESS RELEASE - A Short Walk to St Ives
On Sunday 27 April, a Cornishman will reach Bordeaux in France after walking for 16 weeks from the border with Belgium. Adrian Tregerthen Thomas set off on 7 January from the site of a prison barracks in Givet where his great-great-great-grandfather spent ten years behind bars during the Napoleonic wars. Thomas was inspired by the story of John Tregerthen Short (1785-1873) to retrace his ancestor`s route into captivity in 1804 and then to freedom and his return home in St Ives in 1814. In all, he will have walked around 1500 miles.

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01 Apr 2014 - Website Update
The website has undergone a major update. The back end software has been upgraded, as well as lots of records that have been updated/added.

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22 Jan 2014
For those SHORT family members that are associated with a Sydney, NSW, AU branch of the SHORT family, please check your records for Julie Maree SHORT - People are mistakenly recording her as Julie Patricia SHORT.
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