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101 Alexander SHORT, Nicholas Lockey and John Johnson, all boys, but the two former, notwithstanding, old offenders, were charged with breaking into the fruit lofts of Mr Scott, Quayside, on Sunday morning, and stealing a quantity of apples and oranges.

It appeared that Mr Scott had suffered much from depredations of this character, they having occurred almost weekly. He accordingly applied to Mr Stephens for the purpose of having a policeman exclusively to watch his premises, and on Sunday morning P.C. No. 21, concealed himself into the loft; about half-past one he observed the prisoner Lockey break the window in the roof, at the same time shouting to others outside to "come on."

The three then entered, and after loading from the apple heaps, went to the loft below, and commenced and equally free and easy unloading of the orange chests.

The policeman then interfered and succeeded in taking Johnson into custody; the others escaped, but were captured on the same night. Lockey was committed to hard labour for 3 calendar months; SHORT for 1 calendar month; and Johnson for 1 week. 
SHORT, Alexander (I0210)
102 Alexander SHORT, of the Castle Garth, and Catherine his wife, were convicted of assaults upon Thomas Topping, a constable, last Saturday afternoon and fined ?1 each and costs; and the wife was committed for a month in default of payment. SHORT, Alexander (I5022)
103 All Saints Church Family F1120
104 All Saints Church Family F3252
105 Although this marriage was registered with NSW BDM, there is no local evidence that this couple ever were in Broken Hill. The Family History Society in Broken Hill have confirmed that there are no marriage records in the Wesleyan, Baptist, Roman Catholic or Chrurch of England parish records.

The FHS at Broken Hill assume that the marriage may have happened at Silverton which is still in the Broken Hill district. All parish records from Silverton have been lost and they do not have any records.

As Frederick died 5 years later, we assume that the marriage in the far west of New South Wales had some significance to the couple. No birth documentation for Eva Reeves Collins can be found in Broken Hill either.

The 1930 Electoral Roll says that Frederick was a Doctor, he may have been in Broken Hill for a short term at the hospital.

Alternativley, the 1928 Sands Directory shows two people with the name F DUKE. One a Dentist @ 426 Darling Street, Balmain NSW and the other a Medical Superintendant in the District Hospital at Tibboburra NSW.

Without a copy of the original marriage certificate, we won't be able to confirm anything. 
Family F2167
106 ANGLICAN - SECTION AF - 0536 SHORT, George Edwin (I01191)
107 ANGLICAN - SECTION AF - 0539 SHORT, John Foster (I01192)
SHORT, Ebenezer (I00136)
109 ANGLICAN - SECTION AF - 0540 ANDERSON, Martha (I00137)
110 ANGLICAN - SECTION JJ - 0005 SHORT, William (I12)
111 ANGLICAN - SECTION TT - 0051 SHORT, Percival Henry (I1588)
112 Anglican Monumental - Section 2A - 0290 FAHY, Richard Howard (I9183)
113 Anglican Monumental - Section 2A - 0290 TAYLOR, Alice Mary (I9184)
114 Anglican Monumental - Section 2A - 0291 FAHY, Elizabeth Annie (I10360)
115 Anglican Monumental - Section 2A - 0291 FAHY, Mabel Ethel (I10364)
116 Anglican Monumental - Section Ae - 0611 FAHY, George Alfred (I10363)
117 Anglican Monumental - Section Gg - 0087 BROWN, Emma Elizabeth (I0136)
118 Anglican Monumental - Section Oo - 0036 BROWN, James Parsons (I6356)
119 Anglican Monumental - Section Oo - 0037 MOON, Elizabeth (I6357)
120 Anglican Monumental - Section Ua - 0009 MUTTON, Lucy Ann (I00148)
121 Annie died at the age of 21 THOMSON, Annie M (I00340)
122 Area: Zone A
Section: Old Ground
Grave Number: 394

Buried with husband, William SHORT 
HOBBS, Elizabeth (I3307)
123 Area: Zone A
Section: Old Ground
Grave Number: 394

Buried with wife, Elizabeth SHORT (nee HOBBS) 
SHORT, William (I3306)
124 Area: Zone A
Secton: Old Ground
Grave Number: 1355 
GAINFORD, Thomas Sydney Dixon (I3257)
125 Area: Zone F
Section: B Independent
Grave #: 2062 
SHORT, Adeline Maud Munro Angus (I147)
126 Area: Zone F
Section: Salvation Army 3
Grave #: 808 
SHORT, Nellie Love (I07007)
127 Argyle County SHORT, Hannah (I2355)
128 Arrival: 1857 SHORT, Richard (I261)
129 Arrival: Sydney Australia (as of 23 Nov 1910) GILKES, Ernest Edward (I07175)
130 Arthur Montague SHORT was a manager of a bank in Sale, Victoria in 1895.

For some reason, he killed his two children by slitting their throats and shot his wife twice in the face (who survived).

Arthur then shot himself by throwing himself in the marital bed and put the pistol in his mouth, pulling the trigger.

Search the Trove database for newspaper articles. (

All records, newspaper articles etc after this fact fail to mention Arthur when his family is mentioned. His father's obituary does not mention him, nor his mothers. 
SHORT, Arthur Montague (I5256)
131 Ashby is the old part of Geelong West WILLMOTT, William Henry (I5804)
132 Ashes collected SMITH, Royealeene Vera (I9249)
133 Ashes collected on this date IRVINE, Hector Gale (I3371)
134 Ashes posted to South Australia SHORT, David Charles (I4311)
135 Ashes taken SHORT, Alexander (I3180)
136 Ashes taken STOVE, Agnes Elsie (I3183)
137 Ashes taken SHORT, Joseph Johnston (I2459)
138 Ashes taken FITZGERALD, Elsie May Florence (I3561)
139 Ashes were posted to an address in Armidale, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA SHORT, John (I4168)
140 at Entraining Point the Quarry Stat.  COULTON, Stanley Gordon (I3550)
141 At his residence "Fox Glen" SUTHERN, John (I8792)
142 At his residence "Winthorpe" 39 Temple Street, Petersham SHORT, George (I3244)
143 At home, Thomas was a tyrant. Men were considered the main people of importance and at times the men were fed separately.

The five boys came to Australia, and the girls stayed in England. 
EVERETT, Thomas (I5751)
144 at Lewisham Hospital DANSON, Dorothy Kathleen (I9943)
145 at New Horizons RYNG, Eileen Phyllis (I403)
146 At Registry office Family F2620
147 at St John's Church Family F2180
148 at St. George District Hospital, Kogarah, late of Beverly Hills, formerly of Five Dock and Northcote, Victoria PETTY, Jean Mcpherson (I9951)
149 At the home of her son Walter Harold Redfern SHORT BAILEY, Emily (I3870)
150 At the house of Robert & Mary GIBBS who were also the witnesses on the marriage certificate. Family F151
151 At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr T. Phelan. BALKIN, Catherine (I2915)
152 at the residence of James Trevaill Family F4866
153 At the residence of Robert Holland Family F1231
154 At the schoolhouse Family F2385
155 at Wesley Church, performed by Rev Thomas Allan Family F4865
156 Attacked by Indians while traveling with supply wagon train body never found WINDHAM, William G. (I0055)
157 Author of: A history of Sculpture (London : Heinemann, 1907)
Author of: A history of religious architecture (New York, Norton 1951) 
SHORT, Ernest Henry (I5628)
158 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery DICK-SMITH, Dr John Beaumaris MB BS (I7989)
159 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I440)
160 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I444)
161 Baptised by Rev Henry Hewett Paulet Handfield SHORT, Henry Edward (I6436)
162 Baptised by Rev Henry Hewett Paulet Handfield SHORT, Humphrey Thomas (I6450)
163 Baptist Church Family F4897
164 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 1 - 0017 NELSON, Jean Roselle (I2273)
165 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 1 - 0017 SHORT, Thomas William George (I2241)
166 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 2 - 0005 SMITH, Lesta Estelle (I680)
167 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 2 - 0005 SHORT, Henry Arthur (I673)
168 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 2 - 0005 SHORT, George Henry Kendall (I678)
169 BB - EVERGREEN SHRUB GARDEN 2 - 0005 ROBINS, Ellen May (I677)
170 Became a Wesleyan Church after it was a Methodist Church Family F0309
171 Before Mr. Justice Halse Rogers Family F2466
172 Benevolent, Section 1, Row 2, Grave 72 SHORT, John Richard (I0235)
173 Bertha Vera Sannes
Grandparents with Grandchild
Mom and Son
Center of Attention
Homer Short Family
Buggy Ride
Mother & Baby Son
Bertha Vera Sannes
Going Blind
Grandparents with Grandchild
Mom and Son
Center of Attention
Homer Short Family
Buggy Ride
Mother & Baby Son
Bertha Vera Sannes
Going Blind 
SANNES, Bertha Vera (I00788)
174 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I00974)
175 Birth notice shows "Stephen Lambs SHORT" SHORT, Stephen Lambs (I6895)
176 Birthplace cited on death certificate DANSON, William (I7151)
177 Bluff was previously called Campbelltown from 1856-1917 NEWMAN, Percy Robert (I3038)
178 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I05915)
179 Born aboard ship, 5 days prior to arrival in Sydney SHORT, Emma (I00122)
180 born around this date FARLEY, Christopher (I209)
181 Born as Myra Elizabeth VENESS MCDONALD, Myra Elizabeth (I4877)
182 Born at sea, registered in Sydney. SHORT, Hope Moncrieff (I2298)
183 born between 1890 & 1900 FARLEY, Nelly (I029)
184 Born Elizabeth Ann SAUNDERS KENT, Elizabeth Ann (I2868)
185 Buried as "Stephen Saints SHORT" SHORT, Stephen Lambs (I6895)
186 Burnt to death whilst intoxicated HILL, Hannah Ann (I8069)
187 by Rev. Benjamin Hurst SHORT, Thomas Wilkinson (I00061)
188 by Rev. Benjamin Hurst SHORT, Walter Edward (I00129)
189 by Rev. Benjamin Hurst SHORT, Rachel Greenfield (I00130)
190 by Rev. Daniel Draper SHORT, Leah (I00058)
191 by Rev. Daniel Draper SHORT, Charity (I00059)
192 by Rev. Daniel Draper SHORT, Edward (I00060)
193 by Rev. Samuel Wilkinson SHORT, John Richard (I00132)
194 by Rev. Samuel Wilkinson SHORT, William Spicer (I00134)
195 came to America in 1709 HIATT, John (Jost, Hans Justus) (I21265)
196 came to America in 1709 HEYDT, Johannes (I21267)
197 came to texas in 1872 in Grayson Co stayed 2 years. moved to brownwood
in 1874 
CHEATHAM, Emily Hatcher (I4340)
198 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I530)
199 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I539)
200 Carbon monoxide poisoning willfully self administered. LYNCH, William Ernest Allen (I7871)

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