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701 Residence 1891: 25 Claremont Street, Bristol
Occupation 1891: Teacher 
LONG, Florence Edith (I21)
702 Residence 1891: Oldland, Gloucestershire SHORT, Sidney (I267)
703 Residence 1901: Chelternham Road, Kingswood, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND SHORT, Florrie (I312)
704 Residence of Mrs William SHORT Family F2497
705 Residence of Renolt SWINCER Family F4893
706 Residence of W SHORT Family F2508
707 Residence of William SHORT Family F2502
708 Residence: Brighton, Sussex, ENGLAND (as of 1881 Census) GILKES, Ernest Edward (I07175)
709 Residence: Brighton, Sussex, ENGLAND (as of 1891 Census) GILKES, Ernest Edward (I07175)
710 Residence: Brighton, Sussex, ENGLAND (as of 1901 Census) GILKES, Ernest Edward (I07175)
711 Residence: Church Street, Longford, County Longford, IRELAND ALLEN, Catherine Josephine (I07295)
712 Residence: Eastbourne, Sussex, ENGLAND (as of 1901 Census) LYNCH, Lucy Kate (I07325)
713 Residence: Main Street, Longford, County Longford, IRELAND (as of 21 Nov 1882) LYNCH, William Henry (I7867)
714 Rev George CRAWFORD Family F2285
715 Richard Short (29 Dec 1841, St Ives, Cornwall ? December 16, 1919) was a Cornish artist.

By 1881 Short had moved to Cardiff where he worked as a Ship Broker Agent and lived at Terwarnel House, Newport Road. However by 1901 he had established himself as an artist, specialised in maritime scenes. From at least 1891 he resided at 22 The Walk, Cardiff. His works include scenes of Penarth, Cardiff, the Bosphoros and Corsica.

The Museum of Wales holds five works by Richard Short. 
SHORT, Richard (I249)
716 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I353)
717 Robert Short, wheelwright, age 24 yrs arrived in Sydney on Oct 5th, 1841 with his wife Maria, house servant, aged 24 yrs, aboard the "William Turner". Their 13 month old daughter Mary Ann, arrived with them. They arrived as bounty immigrants. A son William was born to the couple in 1843. His birthplace is unknown. On August 18th, 1846 a second son John Tomas was born at O'Connelltown in the Newtown area. Another son Robert Arnold was born in 1849 followed by a daughter Rebecca in 1852. She died in 1854 aged 15 months. Two more children were born to Robert and Maria, a daughter Rebecca Naomi on 14.11.1856 and a son Albert Aron was born 9.10.1860. Both these children were born at Newtown. Between 1851 and 1880 Robert is listed in numerous Sydney directories at various addresses, all in the Newtown area. He is listed as a wheelwright or coach builder. His son John Thomas is first listed in 1871, as a wheelwright or blacksmith and in 1880 Robert Jnr is also listed. There seems to be no mention of William the eldest son. Robert was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire circa 1814 to John Short, wheelwright and his wife Ann nee Bycraft. Grantham has been the birthplace of many Shorts with records dating back to the 1500?s. All are believed to be descendants of one man. A family tree (incomplete) exists but where this particular line fits in is unknown. We do know that Robert?s parents John Short and Ann Bycraft were married on the 3rd August 1809. When the 1851 Census was taken Ann and John were still living in Grantham, both aged 68 yrs. This puts John?s birthdate at around 1783. Going by the records we have this could make him the son of John and Ann Short, their son being baptised Oct 14, 1783. Unfortunately this cannot be proved without a death certificate. Robert married Maria Beeken (Beacon) in Grantham on Oct 17th, 1839. Mary Ann, their daughter was born August 28th, 1840. Maria was the daughter of Thomas Beeken and Mary ? . Thomas is shown as a Toll Bar Keeper on his daughter?s marriage certificate but is listed as a shoemaker on her bounty papers. Spalding, Lincolnshire was Maria?s birthplace. Both Robert and Maria could read and write. Robert died on 12th May, 1882 at Newtown and was buried at Balmain with his wife who died 29th October 1872. He had been a resident of NSW for 40 years. SHORT, Robert Arnold (I3)
718 Roll of Honour - Walter Thomas Short

Service number: 2691

Rank: Private

Unit: 42nd Battalion (Infantry)

Service: Australian Army

Conflict: 1914-1918

Date of death: 31 July 1917

Cemetery or memorial details: Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium

War Grave Register notes: SHORT, Pte. Walter Thomas, 2691. 42nd Bn. 31st July, 1917. Age 21. Son of William and Emily Short, of 63, Donald St., Footscray, Victoria, Australia. Native of Charters Towers, Queensland.

Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army
SHORT, Walter Thomas (I1447)
719 Roman Catholic
Section: M2 4 514 
COOK, Sabina Winifred (I07006)
720 Royal Adelaide Hospital MUTTON, Caroline Emma (I00364)
721 Rupert Oran Mauldin saw Uncle Anner when he was approx 9 years old.
He was approx 5'6 with a white beard down to his waist
He had a bad leg, walked with a limp and had a walking cane. Loved to eat
soft shell turtles. Uncle Anner stayed with them about a week. Rupert helped
him catch a very large soft shelled turtle out of the creek and they carried it
home in a wash tub. But his neice Emily Groggins Mauldin would not cook it for
him, so Rupert had to let the turtle go. 
CHEATHAM, Annanias Anner (I4654)
722 Russell 
SHORT, Russell Leslie (I00453)
723 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I00682)
724 Scar on palm of right hand and right eyebrow.

Black hair, grey eyes. Could read and write. 
SHORT, Arthur William (I3943)
725 Scattered SHORT, Percy Albert Victor (I3378)
726 Scattered Bed 4EE COOK, Marie Athol (I4247)
727 school teacher in Monahans, Tx
was in WWII several months but was discharged due to asthma 
CHEATHAM, Irvin (I4355)
728 Scots Presbyterian Church Family F660
729 Seaman Short
SHORT, Robert Lyle (I00633)
730 Section M2 17 2211 CALLAGHAN, John Thomas (I110)
731 Section M2 17 2211 SMITH, Doris Martha (I421)
732 Section M2 17 2212 CALLAGHAN, James Paul (I433)
733 Section T, Row 26, Grave 8368 SHORT, Maria Elizabeth (I57)
734 Section T, row 26, Grave 8368 NEAL, Jane Elizabeth (I53)
735 Section: Row E, Lot 173 MADGWICK, Edward Charlton (I06920)
736 served in Revolutionary War

information researched and writtend by Alberta Marjorie Dennstedt, 4372
Ridgeway, San Diego, Calif 92116, 619/282-2091 
CHEATHAM, William III (I9904)
737 Service Conducted by Rev. R. J. Murray Family F1877
738 Service record
Service Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number A2619
Date of Birth 9 Nov 1925
Place of Birth FAIRFIELD, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Enlistment 19 Nov 1943
Locality on Enlistment ENFIELD
Place of Enlistment SYDNEY, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Next of Kin SHORT, P
Date of Discharge Unknown
Rank Unknown
Posting at Discharge 2 Stores Depot
Prisoner of War No  
SHORT, Raymond Stanley (I00084)
739 Service record
Service Australian Army
Service Number N334810
Date of Birth 16 Nov 1912
Place of Birth CROYDON PARK, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Enlistment 10 February 1942
Locality on Enlistment KOGARAH BAY, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Place of Enlistment ARNCLIFFE, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Discharge 13 Sep 1944
Rank Lance Bombardier
Posting at Discharge H Q 57 AUST S/L BTY (M)
Prisoner of War No

When attached to a search light crew down near Albion Park, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA during WWII the detachment had to fend for itself so Richard being the only one who could cook became the cook, but still retained his role as part of the operating team when the light was required. 
SHORT, Richard Edward (I00002)
740 Service record go back view certificate
Service Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number 2588
Date of Birth 8 Nov 1909
Place of Birth STANMORE, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Enlistment 25 Jan 1937
Locality on Enlistment WOOLWICH, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Place of Enlistment LAVERTON, VIC
Date of Discharge 4 Jan 1946
Rank Warrant Officer
Posting at Discharge 2 Personnel Depot
ANDERSON, Donald Keith (I00093)
741 Service record go back view certificate
Service Australian Army
Service Number NX70435
Date of Birth 19 Nov 1908
Place of Birth STANMORE, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Enlistment 26 Mar 1940
Locality on Enlistment GREENWICH, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Place of Enlistment PADDINGTON, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Date of Discharge 4 Aug 1947
Rank Major
Prisoner of War Yes  
ANDERSON, Roderic Henry (I03335)
742 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I03336)
743 She was his 1st cousin once removed Family F87
744 She went with her Husband regiment to Spain, after the retreat of Corunna she was sent with the sick and wounded to Lisbon Hospital where she died CUBITT, Elizabeth (I565)
745 Shot dead whilst trying to rob a bank in Remuera, New Zealand COULTON, Oswald Laurence (I3667)
746 Shot through the head by his step son, Arthur Coulton. KEENAHAN, John Patrick (I3574)
747 Shown as being 32 years of age and the elder of twins on his father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Joseph (I9945)
748 Shown as being 32 years of age and the younger of twins on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Ellen (I9946)
749 Shown as being 34 years of age on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Dorothy Kathleen (I9943)
750 Shown as being 35 years of age on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Anna (I9942)
751 Shown as being 36 years of age on his father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Jonathan (I9944)
752 Shown as being 38 years of age on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Frances (I01904)
753 Shown as being 40 years of age on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Eliza Lillian (I9938)
754 Shown as being 44 years of age on his father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, William (I9941)
755 Shown as being 46 years of age on his father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, John (I9939)
756 Shown as being 48 years of age on her father's death certificate in 1908. DANSON, Marion Alma (I9940)
757 Sid loved to play jokes on people and loved to hide easter eggs for the children. He farmed all his life and had a few paying jobs along with it. He drove a gas truck for Sinclair. He died the day that he was going to retire. MAULDIN, Sidney (I1700)
758 Sister Leo SHORT, Mary Vizardi I.B.V.M. (I6162)
759 Sister Marie Therese of the Infant Jesus SHORT, Sr Eileen Regus (I2933)
760 Social Security Administration, Social Security Death Index, Master File, : Social Security Administration Source (S00056)
761 Sometime between 1830-1833,William Sherley and his family moved to Dubois County,Indiana. Wilson's History of Dubois Co,Indiana stated that 'stock marks' were recorded and in 1833 William Sherely's name appears as one pioneer having a mark registered. William Sherely's mark was - a swallow fork in the right ear and a upper half crop in the left ear.
In 1837 a "stock mark' was issued to John Sherely and this is believed to be the son of William Sherely. In this same year a 'stock mark' was issued to Zachariah Meyers, son-in-law of William Sherely.
In the 1840 census of Dubois Co, Indiana roll #78 lists #638 as William Shearley: 1 ma 5-10,1 male 50-60,..2 females 10-15,1 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50.
Deed recorded of Dubois Co. In show that William Shirley and his wife, Nancy, bought (from Peter Shery) and sold land in Section 14, Township 2 south of Range no. 5 West. The last deed found was dated Feb 26, 1845. He also transferred his 'stock mark' on Feb 15, 1845 to Jacob Blemker.
In the early part of 1845 William and Nancy Shirley moved to Carroll Co, Missouri along with several of their children. They settled in the Mandeville area in North west Carroll Co, and William Shirley applied for a patent on 80 acres in Section 15, Twp. 54 of Range 25.
However, on or about the 28th of October 1845, William Shirley died. His estate was probated in the Probate Court of Carroll Co, Missouri, with John Powers and Nancy Shirley as Administrators. Several children were listed: Nancy Meyers, John Shirley, ELizabth Powers, Mary A Shively, Harriett Short, Sarah J Shirley, and Isaac Shirley, the last two named were minors. Final settlement of the estate was made in 1849.
In 1850, Nancy Shirley and her minor son, William Isaac Shirley, were residing with John A and Elizabeth Powers, her daughter.
By 1860, William Isaac was married and his mother, Nancy was living with them.
Nancy B. Shirley was not found in the 1870 census and it is assumed she died sometime between 1860 and 1870.
Family stories say that William and Nancy Shirley are interred in the Powers cemetery (sometimes called the Pitts cemetery). Many of the stones are broken and lost, this whole cemetery is overgrown with brush and weeds. No stones were located for William and Nancy Shirley. Howevery, other members of the family are interred there. Descendants of William and Nancy currently reside in the Mandeville, Missouri community. 
SHIRLEY, William Henry (I19414)
762 Son of William and Mary nee Shearing or Shering; born at Woodgreen near Hale in England on December 28, 1790; and christened on January 8 the following year at Hale Church (protestant).

Henry had little education; and as a youth worked as a labourer on market gardens and dairy farms.

Sentenced to life for highway robbery at Wiltshire Assizes on July 19, 1817; described as a Hampshire labourer; short (just over five feet, two and a quarter inches) with ruddy complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes.

Arrived on the convict ship Neptune on May 5, 1818; after two years in the Liverpool Barracks, working on road gangs especially around the Campbelltown area, he was assigned to Mrs Broughton (wife of William, Acting Assistant Commissary General of the colony) at "Lachlan Vale" (1000 acres), Appin, near the farm of Andrew Hume (father of Hamilton); one of two servants supplied to Hamilton Hume by the Broughtons to drove ninety-three head of cattle purchased by Wollstoncroft and Berry to their Five Island property on the south coast; one of six servants assigned to accompany the Hume and Hovell expedition to Port Phillip Bay in 1824-25.

Granted a ticket of leave for the Appin district on July 5, 1825; took up land at "Fairy Meadow" in the Illawarra district and had his ticket of leave altered to the Illawarra district on April 6, 1827; his ticket was cancelled on January 17, 1828 on the recommendation of Lieutenant John Fitzgerald J.P. for "harbouring in his House a notorious cattle stealer and being suspected of participating in his depredations"; resided at the Barracks, in the district of Liverpool in 1828 (1828 Census).

Accompanied Hume who was second-in-command to Sturt on the journey that led to the discovery of the Darling in 1828; granted an exemption from Government Labour on January 6, 1831 on the recommendation of Hamilton Hume (Butts of Tickets of Exemption from Government Labour in Principal Superintendant of Convicts Papers AONSW 4/4284); on February 22, 1832 granted a ticket of leave for helping in the capture of a bushranger named Patrick Burke; on October 1, 1840 granted a conditional pardon as a result of a petition from the free settlers of the district including James Gormly's father.

Married a widow, Mary Ledwidge nee Brooker at the schoolhouse in Wollongong (by banns with the consent of the Governor) on September 3, 1834 (BDM). Farmer in the 1830s at Fairy Meadow; later Bulgo (Port Hacking) and later Corrimal (Gormly E&S); in 1840, he purchased land at Fairymeadow, Jamberoo and Cataract River.

Squatter; took up "Wardry", a cattle station on the lower Murrumbidgee at first known as "Youngalee" or "Yangungular" (and later called "Uardry"), with William Ray* in the 1840s; moved with wife and family to "Uardry" in 1844; like many others engaged in dairying; he and Edward Ray* reputed to have made the first ton of cheese; transported it to Sydney, four hundred miles away on one of trips to Sydney for supplies; Edward Harrigan looked after his land in the Illawarra district (as his authorised agent); he and William Ray sold "Uardry" to William and Thomas Wragge and John and James Hearn of Melbourne for one thousand pounds sterling on September 2, 1864.

Visited Wagga Wagga area; in 1855 had subscribed two pounds two shillings to the Patriotic Fund for the widowed and fatherless (WWBB); and on a trip back to the Illawarra in 1862 purchased land at Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga; in 1864 he had taken charge of a bank safe containing the necessary amount to open a new Australian Joint Stock Bank and conveyed it in his supply wagon through a country infested by a notorious gang of bushrangers from Wagga Wagga to Hay (Gormly).

Moved to "Spring Vale", Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga in the 1860s; and purchased a further 123 acres 3 rods at an auction in South Wagga Wagga in 1872 (WWE Aug 24 1872).

Died on December 7, 1881 at the age of ninety-one; buried in Wagga Wagga Cemetery; when he died he owned land at "Toyeo" on Murrumbidgee River, Nangus, Rowan and several houses in Wagga Wagga as well as his land at Hay, Jamberoo and Fairy Meadow.

There is an Angel Bridge and Angel Street at Fairy Meadow and Angel Street at Lake Albert today. Children: Henry; William; Keturah; Robert; Richard; Mary; James; Mary; Edward John; and Samuel. 
ANGEL, Henry (I7620)
763 Source Information Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.

Original data: Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. 
HARVISON, Florence Mary (I05218)
764 Source June SCOTT Family F402
765 ss#463-46-1764
She attended South West Texas women's college in San Marcus. She got her a teaching degree. She lived with her Aunt Helen Bell and Uncle Doc Jim M Beaird and taught school at Beaird Hill.
She was very strick. Children did not run in her house, could not touch her furniture as she kept it waxed and pretty. Roy said he lived with for at least six months due to him have bronchitis extremely bad at around 7 years old. She never spared the rod to spoil the child. Roy got whipping for running in her grass in the front yard, touching her newly waxed furniture, running in her house. 
CHEATHAM, Emily Groggins (I1813)
766 SSB-LAWN-249 SHORT, Alexander Edward (I6400)
767 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F170
768 St Andrews Family F1032
769 St Andrews Cathederal Family F1296
770 St Andrews Church Family F1080
771 St David's Church Family F1162
772 St Edmunds CUSSE, Ann (I363)
773 St Edmunds CUSSE, Edmund (I364)
774 St Edmunds CUSSE, Mary Ann (I365)
775 St Edmunds CUSSE, Sarah (I366)
776 St Edmunds CUSSE, James (I367)
777 St Edmunds CUSSE, Louisa (I368)
778 St Edmunds CUSSE, Frances (I369)
779 St Edmunds CUSSE, William (I370)
780 St Edmunds CUSSE, Eliza (I371)
781 St Edmunds CUSSE, Amelia Warwick (I372)
782 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F129
783 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F138
784 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F139
785 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F141
786 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I552)
787 St James PRYKE, Edward (I6442)
788 St James PRYKE, William (I6441)
789 St James PRYKE, Martha (I6440)
790 St James PRYKE, Ann (I6439)
791 St James PRYKE, Mary Ann (I6434)
792 St John Family F1045
793 St John's BINNIE, Ann Caroline (I8778)
794 St John's Catholic Church SHORT, Margaret Ann (I2429)
795 St Joseph's Catholic Church SHORT, William (I3686)
796 St Joseph's Catholic Church SHORT, Francis John (I2427)
797 St Joseph's Catholic Church SHORT, Mary Agnes (I2428)
798 St Jude's Family F1816
799 St Lawrence's Family F118
800 St Luke's Church of England BROOKER, Mary (I7621)

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