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Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -36.75871120000001, Longitude: 144.28374589999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEGBIE, Alison Emily  4 Jan 1900Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3909
2 CORKERY, Patrick  Abt 1850Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4494
3 GITTINS, Alan Horwood  1907Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6096
4 GITTINS, Horwood  27 Apr 1876Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6091
5 GITTINS, Jack  1910Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6095
6 GITTINS, Olivia Mabel  1905Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6093
7 GITTINS, Phyllis Annie  1916Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6092
8 GITTINS, Raymond Edward  21 Oct 1917Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6094
9 SHORT, Anne  1877Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6088
10 SHORT, Mary Jane Eva  1881Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6087
11 SHORT, Olivia  1879Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6089
12 SHORT, Vera Victoria  1888Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6090
13 SHORT, Walter William John  27 Apr 1906Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6412
14 TRIPLETT, Mary Elizabeth  9 Jan 1911Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8614


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATES, Frederick  1942Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I581
2 BELL, Ernest Alfred  12 Oct 1960Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5546
3 DEANE, Victor Allen  1948Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6302
4 DUNCAN, Elsie Mabel  1977Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I181
5 GITTINS, Alan Horwood  1980Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6096
6 GITTINS, Horwood  2 Mar 1939Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6091
7 GITTINS, Jack  1913Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6095
8 GITTINS, Raymond Edward  23 Jun 2001Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6094
9 GOAD, Olivia  1945Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6035
10 HICKEY, Catherine Augusta  4 Oct 1943Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2188
11 HOYE, Ethel V  Abt 1943Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3438
12 KENNEDY, William  Abt 1938Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15240
13 LECKIE, Andrew  1939Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8999
14 PURTON, Hilda Elizabeth  10 May 1979Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5510
15 SHORT, Anne  1961Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6088
16 SHORT, Catherine Winifred Victoria  1972Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6125
17 SHORT, Edward  2 May 1925Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6086
18 SHORT, George Ramsay  1967Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6345
19 SHORT, Harold Owen  16 Apr 2001Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I80
20 SHORT, Henry Joshua Valentine  12 Jan 1918Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6273
21 SHORT, Mary Jane Eva  1901Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6087
22 SHORT, Olivia  1951Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6089
23 SHORT, Vera Victoria  1973Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6090
24 TOLHNELL, Janet  1952Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9000
25 TRIPLETT, Albert Josiah  14 Feb 1954Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8612
26 TRIPLETT, Charles Albert  19 Sep 1996Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8615
27 TRIPLETT, Herbert Arthur  14 Apr 2009Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I8616
28 WATTS, Beverly Loraine  12 Dec 2014Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5716


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TRIPLETT / BELL  24 Feb 1910Bendigo, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2734