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Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4246045, Longitude: -2.4594813


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1821Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I347
2 Martha  Abt 1825Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I641
3 ADAMS, Mary  Abt 1880Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I235
4 ADAMS, William  Abt 1840Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I233
5 BAILEY, Rebecca  Abt 1732Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I122
6 BRITTON, Eliza  Abt 1811Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I46
7 ENGLAND, Ann  Abt 1797Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I168
8 ENGLAND, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I158
9 ENGLAND, Hester  Abt 1812Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I203
10 ENGLAND, Love  Abt 1816Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I214
11 ENGLAND, Mary  Abt 1804Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I202
12 ENGLAND, Robert  Abt 1771Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I153
13 ENGLAND, Robert  Abt 1799Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I178
14 ENGLAND, Robert  05 Nov 1842Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I162
15 ENGLAND, Sarah  Abt 1802Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I192
16 ENGLAND, Thomas  Abt 1791Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I156
17 ENGLAND, Thomas  Abt 1826Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I189
18 FOX, Angel  Abt 1801Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I560
19 GULLY, Hester Ellen  Abt 1851Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I283
20 HARDING, Hester  Abt 1770Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I15
21 HARRIS, Maria  Abt 1851Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I263
22 HARRIS, Mary  Abt 1811Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I243
23 HOPES, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1805Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I517
24 HOPES, Thomas  25 Dec 1755Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I520
25 HOPES, Ursula  31 Jul 1803Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I226
26 HOPES, William  17 Dec 1809Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I519
27 JARRET, Mary  Abt 1714Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I111
28 JARRETT, Celia  Abt 1874Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I666
29 JARRETT, Ellen  Abt 1876Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I667
30 JARRETT, Ellis  Abt 1878Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I668
31 JARRETT, Luther  Abt Sep 1880Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I664
32 JARRETT, Rhoda  Abt Dec 1891Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I684
33 JARRETT, William  Abt 1853Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I663
34 JARRETT, William  Abt 1872Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I665
35 KEW, Moses  Abt 1829Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I171
36 LEACY, Elizabeth  Abt 1802Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I637
37 LONG, Hannah  Abt 1834Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I653
38 MORTON, Jane  Abt 1847Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I306
39 NUELL, William Chambers  Abt 1817Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I99
40 OFFER, Elizabeth  Abt 1845Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I676
41 PETERS, Hester  Abt 1800Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I536
42 QUARMAN, James  Abt 1767Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I617
43 SHILL, Hannah  Abt 1740Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I10
44 SHORT, Aaron  Abt 1770Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I12
45 SHORT, Aaron  21 Mar 1821Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I606
46 SHORT, Abraham  Abt 1772Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I154
47 SHORT, Alfred  02 Sep 1826Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I364
48 SHORT, Alice  Abt 1836Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I50
49 SHORT, Alice  Abt 1857Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I376
50 SHORT, Amelia Ann  Abt Dec 1854Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I655
51 SHORT, Andrew John  Abt Mar 1873Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I286
52 SHORT, Anna  Abt 1842Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I513
53 SHORT, Arthur  Abt 1852Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I372
54 SHORT, Arthur  Abt 1881Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I315
55 SHORT, Beatrice  Abt Sep 1878Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I415
56 SHORT, Benjamin  Abt 1843Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I539
57 SHORT, Betsy  Abt 1838Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I672
58 SHORT, Catherine  Abt 1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I383
59 SHORT, Charles  Abt 1832Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I511
60 SHORT, Charlotte  Abt 1804Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I355
61 SHORT, Charlotte  Abt 1811Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I44
62 SHORT, Clement Richard  1832Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I357
63 SHORT, Daniel  Abt 1804Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I436
64 SHORT, Daniel  Abt 1833Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I610
65 SHORT, Delilah  Abt 1876Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I662
66 SHORT, Dinah  Abt 1853Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I232
67 SHORT, Dorcas  Abt 1801Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I40
68 SHORT, Edgar  22 May 1821Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I362
69 SHORT, Edith  Abt 1845Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I568
70 SHORT, Edward Baker  1809Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I711
71 SHORT, Edwin  Abt 1835Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I466
72 SHORT, Eleanor  Abt 1839Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I367
73 SHORT, Eliza  Abt 1807Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I127
74 SHORT, Eliza  Abt 1842Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I358
75 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I42
76 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1828Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I510
77 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1840Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I246
78 SHORT, Elizabeth  Abt 1865Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I490
79 SHORT, Ellen Matilda  Abt Jun 1883Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I303
80 SHORT, Emma  Abt 1846Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I370
81 SHORT, Ethel  Abt 1887Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I259
82 SHORT, Eva Violet  Abt 1885Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I261
83 SHORT, Evan  Abt 1828Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I47
84 SHORT, Fanny  Abt 1835Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I671
85 SHORT, Fanny Edith  04 Feb 1873Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I679
86 SHORT, Florence Mary  Abt Mar 1877Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I301
87 SHORT, Florrie  Abt 1876Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I312
88 SHORT, Frederick  Abt Dec 1884Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I420
89 SHORT, George  Abt 1765Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I151
90 SHORT, George  Abt 1796Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I635
91 SHORT, George  Abt 1829Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I464
92 SHORT, George  Abt 1850Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I251
93 SHORT, Gilbert  Abt 1879Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I314
94 SHORT, Grantley John S  Abt Dec 1886Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I423
95 SHORT, Hannah  17 May 1795Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I16
96 SHORT, Hannah  10 Aug 1816Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I475
97 SHORT, Hannah  Abt 1844Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I248
98 SHORT, Harriet  Abt 1845Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I229
99 SHORT, Harriett  Abt 1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I673
100 SHORT, Harriot  10 Jun 1812Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I473

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ENGLAND, Robert  21 Oct 1799Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I178
2 ENGLAND, Sarah  21 Oct 1804Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I192
3 ENGLAND, Thomas  15 Jun 1794Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I156
4 SHORT, Charlotte  19 Jan 1812Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I44
5 SHORT, Dorcas  15 Jun 1807Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I40
6 SHORT, Elizabeth  15 Jun 1807Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I42
7 SHORT, Mark  01 Jan 1809Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I43
8 SHORT, Zipporah  02 Apr 1798Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I39


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 QUARMAN, James  22 Feb 1783Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I611
2 SAIGE, Elinor  16 Nov 1775Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I612
3 SHORT, Aaron  Abt Dec 1834Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I12
4 SHORT, George  Abt 1871Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I635
5 SHORT, Jacob  Abt 1850Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I150
6 SHORT, James  Abt Oct 1816Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I147
7 SHORT, Rhoda Ann  Abt Dec 1906Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I654
8 SHORT, Robert  Abt Mar 1844Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I378
9 SHORT, Silas  30 Dec 1875Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I534
10 SHORT, William  Abt Oct 1821Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I9
11 SHORT, William  Sep Qtr 1846Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I542
12 STOREY, Ann  Abt 1850Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I631
13 WICKHAM, Mary  Abt Nov 1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I515


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SHORT, George  02 Feb 1845Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I151
2 SHORT, Hester  24 Oct 1832Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I48
3 SHORT, Isaac  29 Apr 1849Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I13
4 SHORT, James  13 Oct 1816Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I147
5 SHORT, Robert  31 Mar 1844Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I378
6 SHORT, William  02 Oct 1821Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I9


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRITTON, Eliza  1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, England I46
2 PETERS, Hester  1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, England I536
3 SHORT, Mark  1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, England I43
4 SHORT, Silas  1841Bitton, Gloucestershire, England I534


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLANSEY / SHORT  03 Jun 1776Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F154
2 ENGLAND / SHORT  08 Oct 1792Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F43
3 HASKINS / ENGLAND  06 Oct 1822Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F53
4 HOPES / ENGLAND  21 Mar 1830Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F54
5 HUDD / ENGLAND  28 Feb 1836Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F55
6 KEW / ENGLAND  11 Feb 1816Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F49
7 SHORT / BAILEY  25 Nov 1753Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F35
8 SHORT / BLAMING  Abt 1747Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F153
9 SHORT / BULLOCK  Abt 1759Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F152
10 SHORT / BUSH  12 May 1777Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F36
11 SHORT / HASKINS  14 Jul 1840Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F117
12 SHORT / JARRET  26 May 1735Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F2
13 SHORT / JEFFERIES  Abt 1827Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F115
14 SHORT / LONG  20 Jul 1788Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F160
15 SHORT / QUARMAN  25 Apr 1784Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F37
16 SHORT / ROGERS  28 Jul 1804Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F60
17 SHORT / SHILL  02 Jan 1764Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F3
18 SHORT / SHORT  25 Apr 1829Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F38
19 SHORT / SUMMERILL  23 Jul 1798Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F89
20 SHORT / WILLIAMS  Abt 1802Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F161
21 SHORT / WILLMOTT  Abt 1864Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F120
22 WELLINGTON / SHORT  Abt 1836Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F29
23 WILLMUT / SHORT  08 Jul 1781Bitton, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND F156

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