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Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -37.797442, Longitude: 144.97012


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARTHUR, Harold James  Abt 1916Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I113
2 BAYLISS, Adelaide Blanche  1881Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5474
3 FROST, Ellen Mabel  1885Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15621
4 HILL, Louie Victoria Elaine  1890Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3871
5 LE CREN, Violet Jaumard  26 Nov 1869Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15675
6 PAUL, Margaret Eliza  1877Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5155
7 PHAIR  1870Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I555
8 PHAIR, William Nassau  1866Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I553
9 REES, Dorothy Isabel  1908Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I41
10 REES, Francis Archibald  29 Jul 1920Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I48
11 REES, Leslie George  27 Jul 1915Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I45
12 REES, Mary Lillian  1918Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I46
13 REES, Vera Francis Jane  1911Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I43
14 REES, William Samuel  1912Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I44
15 RICHINGS, Rosemary Annette  14 Sep 1945Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I14967
16 RUSSELL, Ada Christina  1866Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5805
17 SCLATER, Mervyn Douglas  23 May 1937Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I488
18 SHORT, Bertram James  1911Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5344
19 SHORT, Donald Victor  1911Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3874
20 SHORT, Doris Bertha Burkett  1912Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6320
21 SHORT, Ellen  1863Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6466
22 SHORT, Eva Fanny  1889Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9889
23 SHORT, Florence Annie  26 Oct 1894Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5019
24 SHORT, Isabel Florence  1887Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2193
25 SHORT, John James  1863Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6463
26 SHORT, Leslie Raymond  23 Apr 1923Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6869
27 SHORT, Patrick Alfred  1877Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6207
28 SHORT, Pauline  1918Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5509
29 SHORT, Rose Jane  14 Apr 1917Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5508
30 SORRELL, William Hegerty  1887Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6844
31 TONKIN, Benjamin WIlliam John  1904Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I506
32 WALSH, Annie Irma Doreen  1900Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I22


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KILIAN, Amy Myra  3 Feb 1937Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5376
2 PHAIR  1870Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I555
3 SHORT, Alan Clarence Workman  1913Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5333
4 SHORT, Doris Bertha Burkett  1913Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6320
5 SHORT, Ronald Roy  22 Jul 1916Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6321
6 SHORT, Thomas  9 Nov 1916Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5480
7 SHORT, William  26 Mar 1887Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2187
8 STEVENSON, Walter Hunter  15 May 1882Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07233


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FUGE / KIDD  2 Apr 1863Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1829
2 LUCAS / ALLEN  23 Sep 1930Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F981
3 SHORT / FUGE  1896Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1828
4 SHORT / PUCKLE  30 Sep 1891Carlton, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1816