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Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -37.803459, Longitude: 144.983506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WARRY, Ivy Maud  1901Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6868
2 STEVENSON, William Morton  25 Jul 1853Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07231
3 SOLOMON, Rebecca  Abt 1859Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I14977
4 SOLOMAN, Rebecca  1859Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5852
5 SHORT, William Alfred  16 Dec 1857Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1641
6 SHORT, Percy Henry  1874Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6311
7 SHORT, Percival Victor Leopold  8 Mar 1893Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6316
8 SHORT, Nelly  1875Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6310
9 SHORT, Lillian Carol  1878Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I544
10 SHORT, Henry Thomas Clarence  May 1888Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6313
11 SHORT, Eliza Ellen  1860Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6290
12 SHORT, Edwin John  08 Apr 1909Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I65
13 SHORT, Charles Herbert  1874Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5627
14 SHORT, Amy Caroline Eliza  1859Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6293
15 SHORT, Ada Catherine  1881Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6997
16 MULREADY, Arthur Charles Benson  27 Feb 1859Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5250
17 MEE, Hazel Maude  3 Aug 1903Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02975
18 MCKENZIE, Joseph Edward  1890Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6936
19 LUCAS, Joseph Albert  1 Dec 1872Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3072
20 KITSON, Ruby Lillian  1898Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I535
21 KITSON, Albert Edward  1899Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I532
22 HUTTY, Florence Emily  10 Feb 1865Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I430
23 HOLLMAN, Frances Rose  1885Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5980
24 HIMING, Agnes Laura  3 Mar 1862Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6547
25 HALLINAN, Leonard Percival  1917Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I463
26 HALLINAN, Florence Lillian  1918Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I464
27 HALLINAN, Clare  13 Jan 1925Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I466
28 CLARKE, Walter Alfred Allen  1889Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9726
29 CLARKE, Beatrice May  1886Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9712
30 CAMPBELL, Alice Barnett  1871Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I600
31 BATTEN, Gertrude Helen  1892Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5625
32 ARTHUR, Myrtle Lillian  Abt 1918Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I114
33 ARTHUR, Jack  Abt 1920Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I115
34 ARTHUR, George Henry  Abt 1913Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I112
35 ARTHUR, Elsie May  06 Nov 1910Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I111
36 ARTHUR, Albert John  Abt 1909Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I110


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SMITH, Eliza Flora  11 Oct 1869Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6281
2 SHORT, William Alfred  1863Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1641
3 SHORT, Percy Henry  1874Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6311
4 SHORT, Norman Castlemaine  1951Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I655
5 SHORT, Nelly  1875Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6310
6 SHORT, Alexander William  1881Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5146
7 SHINGLES, Emma  19 Sep 1958Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6918
8 MCKENZIE, Joseph  29 Sep 1914Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6927
9 HALLINAN, Percival William  1950Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I462
10 CROFT, Elizabeth Ann  1882Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6845
11 BENNETT, Peter Roberts  Abt 1845Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I648


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WILSON / WELCH  25 Oct 1855Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F3226
2 SHORT / WARRY  5 Feb 1921Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2383
3 SHORT / SIMS  21 Jun 1873Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F14
4 SHORT / ARCHIBALD  14 Jul 1856Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F486
5 LUCAS / SHORT  6 Sep 1894Collingwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F978