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Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -37.841345, Longitude: 144.977417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL, Ernest Alfred  4 Oct 1887Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5546
2 BELL, Nesta Reibey  9 Jun 1918Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5552
3 BLACKBURN, Ada Anderson  1874Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5436
4 BLACKBURN, Alice Maud  1876Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5437
5 BLACKBURN, John  1872Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5435
6 BLACKBURN, Lily May  1878Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5438
7 BLACKBURN, Mary  1870Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5434
8 BLACKBURN, William Howgill  12 Apr 1867Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5432
9 BOWMAN, Gweneth Maud  21 Jan 1931Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07199
10 CADMAN, Roy Frederick  9 Feb 1931Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5949
11 CHECKLEY, Hannah  1851Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I59
12 COMPTON, Elizabeth Carter  1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5626
13 COMRIE, Thomas  1913Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I7924
14 CROCKER, George Hugh  1868Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I585
15 DAVIDSON, Douglas  9 Apr 1883Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5285
16 DAVISON, Mavis Olive  1 Jul 1925Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5817
17 DEANE, Alfred Ernest  1880Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6303
18 DEANE, William Francis  1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6304
19 FIGGINS, James  Abt 1850Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I594
20 FUGE, Eleanor Kate  1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5295
21 GRAHAM, Annie M  1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I05203
22 HAGEN, Florence May  1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6697
23 HAYES, Arthur Short  1850Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5396
24 HAYES, Elizabeth Sarah  10 Jul 1846Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15672
25 HAYES, Martha Jane  1851Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5397
26 HAYES, Mary Ann Amelia  10 Jul 1846Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15671
27 HAYES, Thomas Henry Jr  1848Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5395
28 HYNAM, Phillip Kenneth  1944Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6026
29 KING, Arnold Phillip Ward  Abt 1870Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3086
30 LUCAS, Emily Maud  20 Mar 1893Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3073
31 LYON, John Edward  1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07168
32 LYON, Stella Ethel Sutherland  1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02644
33 MACDONALD, Thomas  11 Apr 1911Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9662
34 MCLEAN, Ellen Elizabeth Fisher  1911Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5244
35 MEGERNEY, Elias Edwin William  1893Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6003
36 MORGAN, Martha Jane  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5441
37 MORGAN, Robert Clark  1 Jan 1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5440
38 NICHOLLS, Sylvia May  1876Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6370
39 PHAIR, Augustus John  1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I551
40 PHAIR, John  1868Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I554
41 REID, Joan Myrtle Elizabeth  07 Oct 1940Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I124
42 RICHARDS, Emily  Abt 1869Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1442
43 RICHARDS, Mary Ann  12 May 1874Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1467
44 RINTOUL, Harold Stafford  1891Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5128
45 SAVAGE, Margaret  1865Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5350
46 SCULLY, Matthew Joseph  Abt 1906Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4775
47 SCULLY, Matthew Lionel  18 May 1927Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4776
48 SHORT, Ada Blanche  17 Apr 1863Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5478
49 SHORT, Alfred Percy  14 Jan 1856Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5412
50 SHORT, Amy  20 Aug 1872Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I559
51 SHORT, Amy Constance  1878Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5630
52 SHORT, Angelina  1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2199
53 SHORT, Bruce William  6 Sep 1922Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5346
54 SHORT, Catherine  1 May 1843Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I538
55 SHORT, Charles  8 Mar 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1629
56 SHORT, Charlotte Constance  4 Feb 1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5494
57 SHORT, Clara Jane  28 Feb 1859Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5470
58 SHORT, David  1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I58
59 SHORT, Edith Mary  1877Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5629
60 SHORT, Elise Myrtle  1 Jun 1919Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2736
61 SHORT, Elizabeth Annie  28 Mar 1861Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5472
62 SHORT, Elizabeth Mary  1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5408
63 SHORT, Ernest Henry  1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5628
64 SHORT, Eveline Marion  26 Dec 1868Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5249
65 SHORT, George Sydney  1883Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I0372
66 SHORT, George William Ernest  1935Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5846
67 SHORT, Hannah  1849Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I540
68 SHORT, Henry Andrew  1858Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I90
69 SHORT, Henry William  5 May 1870Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5489
70 SHORT, Hugh Ernest  1863Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I91
71 SHORT, Isabella  9 Oct 1844Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I539
72 SHORT, James William  5 Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I55
73 SHORT, Jane  1858Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2203
74 SHORT, Jane  10 Apr 1872Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5493
75 SHORT, John Charles  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I195
76 SHORT, Joseph  1861Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6789
77 SHORT, Lydia  1869Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6004
78 SHORT, Mabel Elizabeth  1881Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5631
79 SHORT, Margaret  4 Dec 1874Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I560
80 SHORT, Marie Annette  21 Jan 1947Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6340
81 SHORT, Mary  1881Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5622
82 SHORT, Melva Eileen  1910Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5228
83 SHORT, Michael  27 Oct 1861Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6871
84 SHORT, Peter Arthur  3 Jul 1863Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6874
85 SHORT, Reginald George  1905Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5229
86 SHORT, Thomas  1 May 1865Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5480
87 SHORT, Thomas Arthur  1882Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I0373
88 SHORT, William Henry  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5409
89 SMITH, Kenneth William Gordon  17 Apr 1913Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I7987
90 STEWART, Jane  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07169
91 SUTHERLAND, Lois Isabell  1897Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9566
92 TOYER, Arthur James  29 Jan 1871Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15674
93 WILLIAMS, Emily  25 Sep 1850Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1455
94 WILLIS, Sheila Grosvenor  22 Dec 1899Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6185
95 WILLMOTT, Peter Lesley  1953Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5822
96 WILLMOTT, Robert Gordon  19 Jul 1951Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5821
97 WILLMOTT, Ross Allan  14 Aug 1958Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5818
98 WILSON, James Thomas  21 Aug 1859Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5421
99 WILSON, Louisa  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I455
100 WILSON, Lucy Jane  30 May 1858Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAYLISS, Evelyn Jane  10 Nov 1886Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5476
2 BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Hastings  7 Aug 1863Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5430
3 BROOMFIELD, Adam Frank  6 Jul 1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5450
4 BROOMFIELD, Emma Blanche  12 Sep 1856Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5451
5 BROOMFIELD, Laura Matilda  30 Apr 1858Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5452
6 CLARKE, Priscilla Evelena Suzette  30 May 1856Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9729
7 CLARKE, Walter  6 Aug 1848Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9710
8 HIMING, Agnes Laura  13 Apr 1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, Emma  1916Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I196
2 ALLEN, Minnie Ruth  30 May 1951Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3080
3 ANGEL, Ottilie Amelia  1956Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6614
4 ANTONIO, Simeon  1899Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I598
5 ARCHIBALD, George Hamilton  12 Mar 1962Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2098
6 ARTHUR, Elsie May  13 Feb 2006Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I111
7 BARWICK, Mary Anne  1927Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I05405
8 BILLINGS, Grace  29 Jan 1996Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I795
9 BLACKBURN, Ada Anderson  1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5436
10 BLACKBURN, Mary  1873Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5434
11 BLACKLOCK, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1914Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5233
12 BURNHAM, Ethel May  27 Mar 1955Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5221
13 CADMAN, Roy Frederick  11 Dec 1980Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5949
14 CADMAN, Roy Tasman  1962Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5948
15 CARROLL, Honora Cecilia  1974Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02450
16 CHADD, Elizabeth Margaret  16 Feb 1912Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5224
17 CROCKER, George Hugh  3 Feb 1935Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I585
18 CULLEN, Gwendolen Marie  Abt 1970Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15551
19 DARKE, James Henry  12 Aug 1927Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I14798
20 DAVIDSON, Muriel Mary  24 Apr 1920Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5286
21 DICKMAN, Pearl  Abt Aug 1989Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15060
22 DOWN, Henry Vincent  1 Aug 2005Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15655
23 DUNCAN, George Thomas  1944Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I76
24 FAY, Bruce James  15 Apr 2004Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I7910
25 FRAZER, Doris Marjorie  6 Jul 2002Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4958
26 GILKES, Betty Joan  7 May 2002Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I7908
27 GODDEN, James Henry  31 Mar 1994Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5326
28 GRANTOVSKIS, Biruta Martha  28 Dec 2011Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6262
29 HALLIDAY, Mary Gladys  16 Apr 1982Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3327
30 HARDWICK, Trevor George  9 Nov 1992Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5558
31 HAYES, Arthur Short  5 Apr 1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5396
32 HAYES, Martha Jane  1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5397
33 HAYES, Mary Ann Amelia  1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15671
34 HAZELL, Barbara Joy  2 Sep 1982Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3917
35 HOGAN, John Richard  5 Oct 1988Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02112
36 HUNT, Mary  8 Oct 1891Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6279
37 INGRAH, Edina Lyle  1973Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5115
38 IRVINE, Beatrice Wanliss  5 Nov 1989Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I590
39 JONES, Alfred William  30 Mar 1866Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5455
40 JONES, Elizabeth Mary  5 Apr 1874Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5458
41 KENNY, Margaret Claire  1981Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I06440
42 KERNAHAN, Jane Templeton  13 Nov 1906Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1640
43 LIESKE, Ann  17 Feb 1875Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I432
44 LUCAS, Emily Maud  5 Dec 1987Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3073
45 LUCAS, Joseph Albert  Sep 1946Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3072
46 LYON, John Edward  1926Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I07168
47 MCGILLIVRAY, Dougal Esq  31 Jan 1893Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9718
48 MCHUTCHISON, Alice Grace  24 Dec 1962Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2195
49 MEGERNEY, Edwin John  1895Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6002
50 MILKINS, Mabel Esther  14 Nov 2001Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5564
51 MORGAN, Martha Jane  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5441
52 MORGAN, Robert Clark  Feb 1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5440
53 MORGAN, Robert Clark  22 May 1915Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5416
54 MORLEY, John  22 Feb 1988Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I4976
55 MULREADY, Ernest Clement  Dec 1916Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5254
56 MULREADY, Lionel John  29 Jul 1958Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5253
57 MUTTON, Annie Elizabeth  29 Aug 1937Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I00407
58 MUTTON, Ernest Harold  1950Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02452
59 MUTTON, Helen  13 Nov 1994Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I02085
60 PARKER, Agnes Niven  14 Jan 1907Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2601
61 PHAIR, Augustus John  4 Dec 1938Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I551
62 PHAIR, William Nassau  29 May 1876Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I553
63 PHILLIPS, Joan  1979Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5820
64 PHILPOTT, Henry Holland  1938Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5655
65 PLUME, Robert  27 Jun 1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3036
66 PRYKE, Mary Ann  23 Jan 1864Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6434
67 REDFERN, Roy Adolphus  1953Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6324
68 REES, Alfred Richard  1953Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I35
69 REES, Colin Richarch  Abt 1979Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I39
70 REES, Francis Archibald  22 Dec 2008Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I48
71 RIDER, William Alfred  30 Oct 1911Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5223
72 RINTOUL, Harold Stafford  1953Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5128
73 RINTOUL, William Herbert  1921Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5127
74 ROWNLINGS, Ernest  Dec 2011Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I15061
75 RULE, Elizabeth Marion  1960Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I00210
76 RULE, Frank  24 Feb 1987Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I05813
77 SALLIS, Thomas  1874Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5366
78 SHANNAHAN, John Joseph  16 Jul 1993Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5972
79 SHEPHERD, Ellen Georgina  1939Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6903
80 SHORT, Albert James  6 Mar 2006Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5563
81 SHORT, Charles Alfred  15 Oct 1997Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5570
82 SHORT, Dulcie Jamsie  1980Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6481
83 SHORT, Elizabeth Mary  1855Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5408
84 SHORT, Emma  1881Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I0370
85 SHORT, Ernest Henry  1956Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5807
86 SHORT, Ethel Euphemia  18 Mar 1993Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5554
87 SHORT, Henry  16 Jul 1865Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6280
88 SHORT, Henry Andrew  1859Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I90
89 SHORT, Hilda Annie  10 Mar 1995Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6414
90 SHORT, Honora Margaret  Abt 1950Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3749
91 SHORT, Humphrey Thomas  2 Jan 1877Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6450
92 SHORT, Jack Bertram  18 Nov 1936Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I14936
93 SHORT, James  14 Jul 1879Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1644
94 SHORT, John Alexander  12 Feb 1971Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5522
95 SHORT, Joseph  1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6789
96 SHORT, Marion Eliza Gray  14 Jan 1998Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I1970
97 SHORT, Mavis Warren  15 Mar 2012Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2096
98 SHORT, Mercia Jean  5 Nov 2012Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5991
99 SHORT, Myrtle Irene  11 Nov 1997Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6416
100 SHORT, Nancy Fisher  19 Mar 1906Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5235

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SHORT, William  28 Mar 1887Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2187

Also Known As

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Also Known As    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Alice Barnett  Mar 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 CLOSS, Rev William John Leech  Sep 1912Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I3926
2 DONALDSON, Mary  30 May 1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6801
3 DUNLOP, Letitia  25 Jan 1854Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I513
4 IRELAND, Beatrice Sarah Alexandra  10 Aug 1888Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9887
5 SHORT, Agnes  30 May 1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6838
6 SHORT, Alfred Caesar  25 Aug 1853Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I2970
7 SHORT, Arthur  10 Aug 1888Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9886
8 SHORT, Henry Joshua Valentine  4 Sep 1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6273
9 SHORT, James Daniel  4 Sep 1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6286
10 SHORT, John  3 Jan 1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5894
11 SHORT, Leonard  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5870
12 SHORT, Mary  30 May 1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6837
13 SHORT, Mary A  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5877
14 SHORT, Rosa Emma Beatrice  10 Aug 1888Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I9888
15 SHORT, Thomas  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5864
16 SHORT, Thomas  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5853
17 SHORT, William  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5876
18 SHORT, William  30 May 1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6800
19 SHORT, William  30 May 1860Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6836
20 SHORT, William Howes Wackenbarth  4 Sep 1852Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I6285
21 WILSON, Mary Ann  28 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Alice Barnett  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I600
2 CAMPBELL, Ernest Joseph  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I601
3 CAMPBELL, Ernest Joseph  Mar 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I601
4 SHORT, Edith Elizabeth  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I101
5 SHORT, Lillian Carol  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I544
6 SHORT, Thomas  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I54
7 SIMS, Edith Ann  21 Feb 1884Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Albert James  1939-1948Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5563
2 SHORT, Walter Ernest  1939-1948Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA I5573


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AINSWORTH / SHORT  11 Apr 1899Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2083
2 BAYLISS / SHORT  1880Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1884
3 BELL / JAKINS  1911Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1907
4 BELL / SHORT  1886Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F492
5 BLACKBURN / SHORT  13 Sep 1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1873
6 BOND / BLACKBURN  1883Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1874
7 BOWMAN / GRAY  26 Oct 1926Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F3081
8 CLARKE / BURNS  15 Feb 1869Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F3151
9 GLEW / LUCAS  Abt 1927Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F979
10 HAGERTY / LEANE  31 Jan 1925Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F36
11 HARGREAVES / NICHOLLS  27 Jun 1894Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2213
12 HAWKES / SHORT  Abt 1910Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F359
13 LE CREN / DAWSON  25 Dec 1862Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F5203
14 MCMAHON / MCINTOSH  27 Jul 1962Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1969
15 MORGAN / SHORT  3 Mar 1853Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1869
16 MORTON / MORGAN  1880Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1875
17 OSBORNE / MORGAN  1882Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1876
18 RILEY / EDWARDS  Abt 1904Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F4995
19 SHORT / AGNEW  13 Aug 1850Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F13
20 SHORT / ALLAN  26 Sep 1871Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F59
21 SHORT / BLAMEY  1891Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1991
22 SHORT / BROWN  1 Aug 1849Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1834
23 SHORT / BUNTEN  1899Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2089
24 SHORT / FENNELLY  1851Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2405
25 SHORT / PAINE  1922Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F496
26 SHORT / RICHARDSON  18 Dec 1850Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1865
27 SHORT / WEIR  1859Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F491
28 STONE / HURLSTONE  23 Dec 1839Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2413
29 TONKIN / SHORT  4 Apr 1894Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F156
30 TOYER / HAYES  31 Dec 1868Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F5201
31 WHITING / SHORT  1957Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F2079
32 WILSON / SHORT  9 Jul 1857Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA F1870