Short Family Tree

a global one name study on the history and genealogy of the short surname

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


State/Province : Latitude: -32.831001, Longitude: 150.139008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAM, Mary  27 Oct 1918New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05392
2 ALEXANDER, Vera Joan  14 Apr 1930New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01743
3 ANGEL, Edward John  13 Jun 1852New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9050
4 ANGEL, James  8 Mar 1850New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9049
5 ANGEL, Keturah  5 Oct 1841New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9046
6 ANGEL, Mary  10 Feb 1847New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9048
7 ANGEL, Robert  5 Oct 1841New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9047
8 ANGEL, Samuel  18 Dec 1853New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9051
9 ANGEL, William  17 Nov 1838New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9045
10 APPS, Kenneth Henry  1930New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7814
11 ARMSTRONG, Florence Eliza  1875New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00145
12 AUBIN, Betty  1922New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01705
13 BACKHOUSE, Errol  Abt 1940New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3344
14 BAIN, Frances Anne Helen  11 Nov 1903New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03302
15 BARROW, Robert Leslie  Abt 1920New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2662
16 BARTLETT, William J  1867New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06874
17 BATES, Eliza  1840New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07315
18 BAYLIS, Mary Ann  1810New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04561
19 BECKETT, Ann  11 Nov 1823New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I182
20 BECKETT, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1825New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I187
21 BECKETT, Jane Eliza  25 Apr 1827New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I189
22 BEST, George  29 Nov 1801New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I144
23 BEST, John  Abt 1810New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I630
24 BEST, Peter  Abt 1814New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I629
25 BEST, Peter  25 Dec 1827New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I139
26 BEST, Robert H  Abt 1812New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I632
27 BEST, Sarah  Abt 1811New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I628
28 BEST, William  Abt 1816New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I631
29 BIDDLE, Hannah  1848New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06595
30 BOND, Allan Edward  Abt 1913New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3532
31 BOND, Arthur G  Abt 1941New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3533
32 BOORMAN, Hazel  24 Dec 1914New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06333
33 BRAMBLE, Mary Ellen Morton Stevenson  1921New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7983
34 BRIEN, Graeme Stanley  11 Jun 1944New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05593
35 BROOKS, Emma Jane  1873New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06872
36 BROUGHAM, Cyril Howard Casey  11 Nov 1881New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5278
37 BYCROFT, George Russell  1878New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05621
38 BYCROFT, John Joseph Thomas  1874New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05618
39 CALLAGHAN, Anne Margaret  Abt 1947New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I404
40 CALLAGHAN, Barbara Ann (or Alice?)  27 Jan 1937New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I229
41 CALLAGHAN, Ellen  Abt 1856New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I49
42 CALLAGHAN, Maureen Peggy  31 Dec 1940New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I230
43 CALLAGHAN, Unnamed  Abt 1871New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I44
44 CARDWELL, Ann  1828New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02772
45 CARPENTER, Maureen Joyce  1950New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06351
46 CARPENTER, Susan Gay  7 Feb 1957New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7381
47 CARPENTER, William Alfred  1950New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06350
48 CLOWES, Frank  13 Mau 1925New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00780
49 COOK, Sabina Winifred  1853New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07006
50 COOPER, Betty June  1 Jun 1926New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8681
51 COOPER, Thomas Daniel  1848New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06407
52 COPP, Lesley Donna  26 Feb 1962New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00995
53 COUCHMAN, Leonard Robert  06 Oct 1923New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01255
54 COULTON, John Merton  Abt 1937New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4867
55 COWLE, John Andrew  11 Dec 1929New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9001
56 CREIGHTON, Mervyn Henry  31 Oct 1920New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06326
57 CRIDLAND, Alfred  1838New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10109
58 CRIDLAND, Charles  1826New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10107
59 CRIDLAND, Henrietta  1833New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10108
60 CRIDLAND, Margaret  1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10111
61 CRIDLAND, Martin  1829New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10102
62 CRIDLAND, Mary A  1827New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10106
63 CRIDLAND, Mathew  1843New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10110
64 CUMMINGS, Ethyl Lynda  30 May 1916New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2131
65 CURBY, George Alfred  19 Jan 1913New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04099
66 CURBY, Gordon Spowart  1925New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04103
67 DALTON, Hannah  12 Feb 1793New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I184
68 DAVIDSON, Harold  9 Sep 1884New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5287
69 DAWSON, Dorothy Irene  9 Dec 1923New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02150
70 DEANE, Mary  01 Jan 1836New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07053
71 DONNELLY, Frederick Denis  21 Nov 1929New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2590
72 DRAVET, Marcel Henrie  28 Jul 1919New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00785
73 DUFFEY, George Francis  18 Oct 1910New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01082
74 DUGUID, Lorimer Oswald  Abt 1841New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I1419
75 DYSON, Harold Lionel Merryman  1934New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8789
76 EBRILL, Elaine Dorothy  1 Dec 1926New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06092
77 ELSTON, Annie Jane  1870New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06938
78 ELSTON, Lucy  1874New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06933
79 ELVIN, William  14 Nov 1847New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03462
80 EMERY, Anna M F  1856New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03397
81 EMERY, Basil Noel Elliott  21 Oct 1908New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05489
82 FERGUSON, Margaret Alice  Abt 1847New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3351
83 FIDDEN, James Joseph  Abt 1838New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3545
84 FIELD, Phyllis May  7 Dec 1921New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00609
85 FINCH, George Fitzherbest  23 Sep 1844New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7771
86 FROST, Dudley Brian  Abt 1927New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I619
87 FROST, Terrence  26 Jul 1937New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I621
88 FROST, Walter Ryan  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I618
89 GILKES, Edith Hannah  1895New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7912
90 GILKES, Roger Keith  17 Feb 1947New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9577
91 GILL, Nola  21 Jun 1951New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00824
92 GILLIES, Mavis Jean  4 Apr 1912New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06325
93 GLANVILLE, Lucy V  1845New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5784
94 GLASS, Mary Ann  1846New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9302
95 GORDON, Dianne Ruth  15 Jun 1952New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8726
96 GOSS, Blanche Mabel  Abt 1923New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2655
97 GUNNING, John  10 Jul 1857New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00649
98 HALL, Una Letitia Isabel Fanny  Abt 1889New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4234
99 HANCOCK, Ruth  4 Apr 1942New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00178
100 HARRISON, Lorna Dorothy  5 Dec 1923New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7466

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Marion  12 Jan 2005New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9311
2 Minnie  Apr 1961New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04120
3 ANDERSON, Elaine Helen  7 Nov 1985New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00873
4 ANDERSON, Gordon McPherson  16 Mar 1994New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4642
5 ANDERSON, Minnie  1976New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03330
6 ANDERSON, Robert  10 Aug 1970New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03333
7 ANGEL, Edward John  8 Nov 1934New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9050
8 ANGEL, James  5 Jun 1926New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9049
9 ANGEL, Keturah  22 Nov 1932New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9046
10 ANGEL, Mary  7 Jul 1932New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9048
11 ANGEL, Robert  19 May 1870New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9047
12 ANGEL, Samuel  21 Apr 1938New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9051
13 ANGEL, Thelma Dorothy  25 Feb 1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7630
14 ANGEL, William  28 Oct 1891New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9045
15 APPS, Kenneth Henry  22 Sep 1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7814
16 AXFORD, Doris Irene May  9 Dec 1994New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9433
17 BARTHOLOMEW, Eliza Amy Thelma  1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9005
18 BARTLETT, William J  1933New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06874
19 BATTLE, Errol Edmund  Abt 1979New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3790
20 BEAZLEY, Ernest Wesley  Abt 1977New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3277
21 BECKET, James Convict  Abt 1808New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I190
22 BECKETT, Ann  1 Mar 1882New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I182
23 BECKETT, Mary  2 Dec 1857New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I134
24 BEST, Peter  24 Apr 1828New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I139
25 BEST, Robert Chamberlain  1 May 1797New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I130
26 BIDDLE, Hannah  05 Aug 1924New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06595
27 BODLEY, Alfred  1930New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00470
28 BOND, Arthur G  Abt 1969New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3533
29 BOORMAN, Alfred  27 Dec 1877New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06395
30 BOORMAN, Hazel  15 Jun 1992New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06333
31 BOORMAN, Walter James  13 Dec 1976New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06402
32 BOWDEN, Thirza  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06917
33 BRIDEKIRK, Elsie Ann  3 Feb 1980New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05498
34 BROGAN, John Thomas  22 Dec 1920New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7557
35 BROOKS, Emma Jane  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06872
36 BROWN, Roma Pearl  15 Mar 1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4788
37 BYCROFT, Esme Dorothy  1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05648
38 BYCROFT, George Russell  1879New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05621
39 BYCROFT, John Charles Edward  1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05647
40 CALETTI, Frederick Augustus  5 Aug 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9698
41 CALLAGHAN, Barbara Ann (or Alice?)  1998New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I229
42 CAMPBELL, Muriel Enid  25 Aug 2001New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3897
43 CAMPBELL, Valerie Ellen  18 Nov 1995New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8697
44 CARMICHAEL, Mary Elizabeth  3 Jun 1976New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3701
45 CAVANAGH, Alice Jane  Abt 1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2439
46 CAVANAGH, Nora Angela  18 Sep 1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3758
47 CHADD, Violet Ruby  30 Dec 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01520
48 CHASE, Nellie Bolding  7 Feb 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05582
49 CHILLINGWORTH, William Jacob  1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06252
50 CLARK, Bertram Samuel  29 Sep 1986New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06186
51 CLIFT, Betty Jean Spencer  Abt 1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3453
52 CLOWES, Frank  25 Dec 1988New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00780
53 CORKERY, Millicent May  18 Jan 1984New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3963
54 CORLING, Edward William  13 Jun 1984New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04767
55 CORLING, Ivy Beatrice  15 Aug 2002New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04769
56 COSGROVE, Mabel Forbes  20 Nov 1992New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4076
57 COULTON, Arthur Merton  8 Feb 1985New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3668
58 COULTON, Rupert Ignatius  7 Aug 2000New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3632
59 COURTENAY, Eadith Victoria Frances  20 Dec 1956New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4908
60 COWLE, John Andrew  1979New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9001
61 COYLE, Dulcie May  25 Aug 2008New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2952
62 CRABBE, Herbert Leslie  5 Jun 1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4975
63 CREIGHTON, Mervyn Henry  20 May 1984New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06326
64 CROFT, Thomas Pemble  15 Aug 1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01663
65 CROSS, Mary  Abt 1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4135
66 CURBY, Frederick Herbert  12 May 2000New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04100
67 CURBY, Frederick Reginald  1 Mar 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04003
68 CURBY, George Alfred  29 Jul 1997New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04099
69 CURBY, Gordon Spowart  6 May 2007New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04103
70 CURNOW, Linda Jane  20 Sep 1988New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7772
71 DALTON, Hannah  20 Sep 1837New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I184
72 DAWSON, Dorothy Irene  21 Jan 2006New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02150
73 DELFORCE, Francis Norman  1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06661
74 DICKSON, Robert  1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7855
75 DOHERTY, Howard Vincent  5 May 1976New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9153
76 DOVEY, Ivy May  19 Mar 1983New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01738
77 DOW, Margaret Catherine  01 Sep 1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05227
78 DOYLE, Arthur Edward  1977New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7778
79 DOYLE, Robert Hercules  30 Apr 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01914
80 DREWITT, Irene Grace  13 Sep 1974New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01065
81 DUNCAN, Mary Dorothy  1978New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07313
82 EASTMURE, Joan Gertrude  25 Jun 1992New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9285
83 EBRILL, Elaine Dorothy  21 Jun 2003New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06092
84 EGGINS, Reginald Clive  13 Aug 1989New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7830
85 EGGINS, Ubert Carol  1979New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7831
86 EGGINS, Vera Gwendoline  06 Oct 1984New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06390
87 ELVIN, William John  Jul 1931New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04107
88 EMERY, Alexander  1921New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05194
89 EMERY, Basil Noel Elliott  7 Jan 1998New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05489
90 EMERY, Ivor Harvison  21 Feb 1993New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05319
91 EMERY, Robert A  1912New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03392
92 EMERY, Thomas G  1935New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03390
93 ENGLISH, Robert Cecil  07 Jul 1997New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0086
94 EWIN, Dorothy May  25 May 1975New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4905
95 FINCH, Charles Wray  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7773
96 FINGLAND, John Kirkpatrick  15 Nov 1980New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8709
97 FOSTER, Aubrey Alfred Short  12 Apr 1980New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06438
98 FRASER, Marjorie Mary  10 Jun 1980New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03668
99 FRAZER, Mavis Jean  9 May 2005New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I679
100 FREEMAN, John D  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06800

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FRAZER, Mavis Jean  12 May 2005New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I679
2 SHORT, Emily Louisa  New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7930
3 WALSH, Thomas Henry  4 Oct 1989New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 BALKIN, Catherine  12 Jun 1848New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2915
2 BYRNE, Keyran Kearns  12 Jun 1848New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2914
3 CALETTI, Guido Arturo  Abt 1895New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8899
4 SHORT, James  5 May 1818New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0078
5 SHORT, Jane  20 Jun 1853New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00050
6 SHORT, William John  17 Jan 1829New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2425

Convict Muster

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Convict Muster    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERLAIN, Martha Convict  1822New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I129

Criminal Notes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Notes    Person ID 
1 FERRIDAY, Jane Convict  21 Nov 1833New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I217
2 PFEFFER, Henry  17 May 1839New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Patrick  18 Oct 1855New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I1287
2 SMELLIE, Archibald Graham  5 Oct 1874New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Rebecca  25 Aug 1842New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2345
2 MCAULIFFE, Thomas  9 Feb 1845New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12
3 MONAGHAN, Matthew  19 Nov 1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8
4 MONAGHAN, Patrick  19 Nov 1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9
5 SHORT, John  25 Aug 1842New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MONAGHAN, Matthew  19 Nov 1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8
2 MONAGHAN, Patrick  19 Nov 1849New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARCHER / HOLLIDAY  9 Jul 1844New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1106
2 ARMSTRONG / HARVEY  1874New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0085
3 BECKETT / BEST  31 Mar 1823New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F44
4 BELLAMY / SPICER  1882New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1686
5 BROWN / Fry  Abt 1924New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1076
7 CRIDLAND / ANDERSON  1850New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3300
8 CRIDLAND / WHELON  1825New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3301
9 CURBY / HOLLIDAY  16 Sep 1869New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1108
10 DALTON / MORRIS  1792-1793New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F53
11 FACE / PARMENTER  1939New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1663
12 GELDING / HEYDEN  1886New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1136
13 GREGORY / ALLEN  18 Oct 1877New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2230
14 HEYDEN / HOLLIDAY  1861New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1100
15 HEYDEN / MCLEAN  1884New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1135
16 HOLLIDAY / MASTERS  4 Mar 1885New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1147
17 HOLLIDAY / PHILLIPS  19 May 1856New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1097
18 HOLLIDAY / PORTER  20 Dec 1880New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0531
19 KEATING / HARVISON  1910New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1613
20 LONGMORE / STARR  22 Apr 1884New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0086
21 MARTIN / FACE  1941New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1662
22 SOMERVILLE / HARVISON  1887New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1642
23 STARR / BALCOMB  1875New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1701
24 WINTER / MITCHELL  8 Feb 1969New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1063


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / SHORT  1953New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0400
2 BENNETT / INGLIS  21 Nov 1928New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2466
3 GILKES / EMMETT  21 May 1954New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3098
4 HOWARD / PERCY  Circa 1940New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1925
5 LOGAN / SHORT  21 Sep 1945New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1033
6 PULLEN / MUTTON  27 Aug 1947New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0201
7 SHORT / GOODWIN  1934New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F655
8 SHORT / MINTO  18 Dec 1909New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2163
9 SHORT / STANLEY  9 May 1963New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2490
10 SHORT / THOMPSON  25 Oct 1927New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2703