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Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND


City/Town : Latitude: 50.766667, Longitude: -4.55


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRIMMACOMBE, Norah J  1846Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8566
2 BROWN, Anne  Nov 1710Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06658
3 BROWN, Frances  Sep 1714Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8223
4 BROWN, Jane  Jan 1712Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8222
5 SYMONS, Eulalia  1810Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06147
6 SYMONS, Grace  1802Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06144
7 SYMONS, Philip  1803Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06145
8 SYMONS, Thomas  1805Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06146
9 TRIPLETT, Ann  1749Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06148
10 TRIPLETT, Ann  Oct 1762Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8543
11 TRIPLETT, Ann  24 Oct 1762Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06158
12 TRIPLETT, Ann  May 1764Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8541
13 TRIPLETT, Ann  Apr 1815Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8561
14 TRIPLETT, Charity  Jan 1733Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06162
15 TRIPLETT, Charity  Mar 1771Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8544
16 TRIPLETT, Ebbet  May 1797Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8578
17 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  Feb 1741Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06157
18 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  Apr 1773Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8546
19 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  Sep 1793Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8551
20 TRIPLETT, Grace  Sep 1809Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8559
21 TRIPLETT, Ibbet  Nov 1788Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8577
22 TRIPLETT, James  Jan 1769Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8548
23 TRIPLETT, Jane  May 1727Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06132
24 TRIPLETT, Jane Symons  Mar 1800Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8579
25 TRIPLETT, John  Feb 1767Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8542
26 TRIPLETT, John  15 Feb 1767Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06160
27 TRIPLETT, John  Feb 1803Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8580
28 TRIPLETT, Mary  1742Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I02781
29 TRIPLETT, Mary Jane  Aug 1822Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8563
30 TRIPLETT, Richard  Nov 1760Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8547
31 TRIPLETT, Richard  26 Nov 1760Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06161
32 TRIPLETT, Richard  Oct 1818Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8562
33 TRIPLETT, Susanna  Jun 1807Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8558
34 TRIPLETT, Thomas  Apr 1776Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8549
35 TRIPLETT, William  1661Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8224
36 TRIPLETT, William  24 Aug 1693Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06125
37 TRIPLETT, William  Nov 1728Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06117
38 TRIPLETT, William  Feb 1759Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8545
39 TRIPLETT, William  19 Feb 1759Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06163
40 TRIPLETT, William  Feb 1808Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8581
41 TRIPLETT, William  Nov 1812Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Anne  16 Nov 1710Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06658
2 BROWN, Frances  27 Sep 1714Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8223
3 BROWN, Jane  22 Jan 1712Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8222
4 TRIPLETT, Ann  21 May 1749Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06164
5 TRIPLETT, Ann  24 Oct 1762Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8543
6 TRIPLETT, Ann  20 May 1764Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06156
7 TRIPLETT, Ann  20 May 1764Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8541
8 TRIPLETT, Ann  30 Apr 1815Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8561
9 TRIPLETT, Charity  25 Jan 1733Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06162
10 TRIPLETT, Charity  7 Apr 1771Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06159
11 TRIPLETT, Charity  7 Apr 1771Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8544
12 TRIPLETT, Ebbet  21 May 1797Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8578
13 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1741Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06157
14 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1773Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8546
15 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1793Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8551
16 TRIPLETT, Grace  1 Oct 1809Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8559
17 TRIPLETT, Ibbet  16 Nov 1788Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8577
18 TRIPLETT, James  12 Feb 1769Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8548
19 TRIPLETT, Jane  21 May 1727Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06132
20 TRIPLETT, Jane Symons  9 Mar 1800Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8579
21 TRIPLETT, John  15 Feb 1767Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8542
22 TRIPLETT, John  13 Feb 1803Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8580
23 TRIPLETT, Mary Jane  1 Sep 1822Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8563
24 TRIPLETT, Richard  26 Nov 1760Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8547
25 TRIPLETT, Richard  11 Oct 1818Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8562
26 TRIPLETT, Susanna  28 Jun 1807Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8558
27 TRIPLETT, Thomas  14 Apr 1776Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8549
28 TRIPLETT, William  29 Aug 1693Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06125
29 TRIPLETT, William  29 Nov 1728Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06117
30 TRIPLETT, William  19 Feb 1759Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8545
31 TRIPLETT, William  28 Feb 1808Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8581
32 TRIPLETT, William  8 Nov 1812Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Anne  1797Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06658
2 SYMONS, Thomas  Aft 1871Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06146
3 TRIPLETT, Ann  22 Jun 1763Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06158
4 TRIPLETT, Ann  22 Jun 1763Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8543
5 TRIPLETT, Ann  21 Jan 1837Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06156
6 TRIPLETT, Ann  21 Jan 1837Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8541
7 TRIPLETT, Ann  15 Sep 1850Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8561
8 TRIPLETT, Charity  2 Feb 1778Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8544
9 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1778Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8546
10 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1791Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06157
11 TRIPLETT, Elizabeth  8 May 1875Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8551
12 TRIPLETT, Ibbet  20 Mar 1792Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8577
13 TRIPLETT, James  16 Jan 1861Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8548
14 TRIPLETT, John  29 Jan 1838Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8542
15 TRIPLETT, John  27 Jan 1839Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06160
16 TRIPLETT, Richard  15 May 1821Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8562
17 TRIPLETT, Thomas  28 Jan 1778Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8549
18 TRIPLETT, William  Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8224
19 TRIPLETT, William  1750Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06125
20 TRIPLETT, William  27 Jan 1797Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06117
21 TRIPLETT, William  22 May 1861Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TRIPLETT, Ann  24 Jan 1837Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND I06156


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRIMMACOMBE / TRIPLETT  31 Mar 1842Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2717
2 BROWN / TREWIN  2 Oct 1709Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2605
3 GIBBS / TRIPLETT  13 Jan 1762Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F0024
4 ROWE / TRIPLETT  9 Jan 1845Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2741
5 SHEPHERD / TRIPLETT  5 Sep 1833Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2722
6 SPRY / TRIPLETT  21 Oct 1841Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2719
7 SYMONS / GIBBS  22 Nov 1790Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F1883
8 SYMONS / TRIPLETT  22 Nov 1790Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2715
9 TRIPLETT / BROWN  2 Feb 1726Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F1879
10 TRIPLETT / DEGG  26 Jun 1692Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2606
11 TRIPLETT / JAMES  2 Dec 1758Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2709
12 TRIPLETT / KINSMAN  24 Mar 1788Poundstock, Cornwall, ENGLAND F2710