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Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -34.671676, Longitude: 150.856703


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG, Edith Elizabeth  16 Jun 1868Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10559 Short Family Tree 
2 ARMSTRONG, Rebecca Ann  22 Aug 1866Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10560 Short Family Tree 
3 BIGG, Robert John  1861Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5029 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 BLACKWOOD, William John  1879Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0135 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 BROWN, Emma Elizabeth  26 Jun 1872Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0136 Short Family Tree Misc 
6 CAMPS, Sarah May  29 May 1892Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10520 Short Family Tree 
7 EMERY, Anna Maud Frances  14 Feb 1856Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03397 Short Family Tree 
8 EMERY, Arthur Archibald Foster  20 Aug 1883Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05199 Short Family Tree 
9 EMERY, Basil Oscar  4 May 1890Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05316 Short Family Tree 
10 EMERY, Godfrey Henry  17 Dec 1924Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12396 Short Family Tree 
11 EMERY, James Harvison  19 Dec 1881Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05308 Short Family Tree 
12 EMERY, Lacey Charles  11 Mar 1887Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05457 Short Family Tree 
13 EMERY, Norman Stanley  18 May 1885Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05200 Short Family Tree 
14 EMERY, Pearl Lucy  26 Sep 1888Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05458 Short Family Tree 
15 EMERY, William Ernest  14 Jul 1876Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05197 Short Family Tree 
16 FARQUHARSON, Ella  15 Mar 1893Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05653 Short Family Tree 
17 FULLER, Florence Elizabeth  29 Sep 1868Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00308 Short Family Tree 
18 GRAHAM, Stanley Howard  3 May 1885Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05985 Short Family Tree 
19 HARVISON, Archibald Hamilton  1854Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05276 Short Family Tree 
20 HARVISON, Arthur James  5 Oct 1846Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03366 Short Family Tree 
21 HARVISON, Charles A  1869Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05332 Short Family Tree 
22 HARVISON, Dora  1869Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05283 Short Family Tree 
23 HARVISON, George John  11 Oct 1865Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05330 Short Family Tree 
24 HARVISON, Henrietta  1858Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05278 Short Family Tree 
25 HARVISON, Henry  1867Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05331 Short Family Tree 
26 HARVISON, John  1874Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05285 Short Family Tree 
27 HARVISON, Joseph  1872Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05284 Short Family Tree 
28 HARVISON, Maria  05 Mar 1851Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05275 Short Family Tree 
29 HARVISON, Martha  1867Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05282 Short Family Tree 
30 HARVISON, Martha Maria  3 Oct 1856Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05327 Short Family Tree 
31 HARVISON, Mary Jane  Mar 1852Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05277 Short Family Tree 
32 HARVISON, Pauline  9 Jun 1860Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05329 Short Family Tree 
33 HARVISON, Sara  9 Oct 1849Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05274 Short Family Tree 
34 HARVISON, Susan  28 Oct 1876Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05286 Short Family Tree 
35 HARVISON, Thomas James Henry  1895Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05304 Short Family Tree 
36 HARVISON, Walter Sheffield  16 Aug 1861Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05292 Short Family Tree 
37 HARVISON, Wilhelmina  1880Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05287 Short Family Tree 
38 HARVISON, William  27 Jun 1858Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05328 Short Family Tree 
39 KENT, Thomas Frederick John  1890Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8920 Short Family Tree 
40 MCCLELLAND, Ivy Olive  8 Sep 1884Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05309 Short Family Tree 
41 MCMAHON, Sophia Dunbar  27 Sep 1857Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7633 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 POMPHREY, Henrietta  1850Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05210 Short Family Tree 
43 REID, James Carson  1869Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7775 Short Family Tree 
44 ROBSON, Albert Edgar  5 Dec 1887Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12531 Short Family Tree 
45 ROBSON, Emily Blanche  1885Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12530 Short Family Tree 
46 SHORT, Amy Lucy  21 Feb 1866Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3309 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 SHORT, Grace Jane  25 Aug 1868Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3308 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 WALKER, Elva Margaret  7 Jan 1925Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12395 Short Family Tree 
49 WILDMAN, Ellen Mary  2 Jan 1912Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05440 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 EMERY, Sarah Anna Frances Elizabeth  28 Apr 1855Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03391 Short Family Tree 
2 HARVISON, Arthur James  28 Feb 1847Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03366 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Winsome Ruth  5 Sep 2023Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03342 Short Family Tree 
2 ARMSTRONG, James  19 Aug 1880Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05361 Short Family Tree 
3 ARMSTRONG, Mary Jane  27 Aug 1860Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03369 Short Family Tree 
4 ARMSTRONG, Thomas William  22 Sep 1882Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03398 Short Family Tree 
5 BYCROFT, John Charles Edward  1 May 1983Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05647 Short Family Tree 
6 EMERY, James  1855Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03395 Short Family Tree 
7 EMERY, James  26 May 1880Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05373 Short Family Tree 
8 EMERY, James Harvison  14 Sep 1957Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05308 Short Family Tree 
9 EMERY, John Robert Franklin  24 Jun 1968Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05196 Short Family Tree 
10 EMERY, William  1845Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12523 Short Family Tree 
11 FURNER, Edna Amelia  1978Kiama, New SOuth Wales, AUSTRALIA I10057 Short Family Tree 
12 HARVISON, James  27 Apr 1883Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03368 Short Family Tree 
13 HARVISON, John  1875Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05285 Short Family Tree 
14 HARVISON, Mary Jane  1937Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05277 Short Family Tree 
15 JOHNSTONE, Jane  16 May 1862Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05362 Short Family Tree 
16 MACDONALD, Sarah  12 Jan 1864Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03371 Short Family Tree 
17 MCCLELLAND, Ivy Olive  29 Jul 1955Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05309 Short Family Tree 
18 NETHERY, Sarah  4 May 1872Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03389 Short Family Tree 
19 SHORT, Thomas Forster  8 May 1997Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8907 Short Family Tree Misc 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG / DEANE  12 Sep 1856Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2204 Short Family Tree 
2 BARKER / O'BRIEN  23 Jan 1893Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4467 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BROWN / MOON  20 May 1868Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2203 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 CONNOLLY / HARVISON  1878Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1639 Short Family Tree 
5 EMERY / HARVISON  22 Sep 1875Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1608 Short Family Tree 
6 EMERY / MCCLELLAND  19 Nov 1908Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1648 Short Family Tree 
7 EMERY / MORROW  7 Jan 1932Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4260 Short Family Tree 
8 EMERY / WALKER  21 Feb 1947Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4257 Short Family Tree 
9 GRAHAM / ARMSTRONG  1854Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0060 Short Family Tree 
10 HALL / LUGG  3 Apr 1920Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3203 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 HARVISON / ARMSTRONG  1891Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1638 Short Family Tree 
12 HOBBS / GOLDIE  30 Nov 1863Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2564 Short Family Tree Misc 
13 HODGKINSON / EMERY  28 Mar 1877Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4312 Short Family Tree 
14 KEEVERS / MOON  21 Mar 1866Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2207 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 MCGILL / EMERY  21 Apr 1945Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4255 Short Family Tree 
16 NELSON / MCMAHON  1 Sep 1881Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2679 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 WALKER / HARVISON  29 May 1888Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1640 Short Family Tree 
18 WOODHOUSE / ARMSTRONG  1854Kiama, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1087 Short Family Tree 

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