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Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -28.812725, Longitude: 153.278721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARTHUR, Loel Hunter  11 Aug 1925Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10326 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ATTEWELL, Marlee Estelle  1930Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11015 Short Family Tree 
3 ATTEWELL, Stanton Alfred Peter  1924Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11007 Short Family Tree 
4 BANNISTER, Leslie William James  6 Nov 1913Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8721 Short Family Tree 
5 BLANCH, Amy Eliza  6 Feb 1883Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11951 Short Family Tree 
6 BOORMAN, James R  1915Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06814 Short Family Tree 
7 BOORMAN, Lester N  1917Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06815 Short Family Tree 
8 BOOTH, Wilfred Keith  6 Nov 1912Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7681 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 BRYANT, Oscar Allen  20 Oct 1911Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10610 Short Family Tree 
10 DULEY, Edna May  28 Sep 1913Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7555 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 FOX, Enid Dorothy  17 Jul 1930Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8121 Short Family Tree 
12 GLYNN, Ethel Mary  5 Apr 1888Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I422 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
13 HAMLYN, Arnold Cedric Lewis  1925Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9604 Short Family Tree Misc 
14 HARVISON, Frederick W A  1907Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05306 Short Family Tree 
15 JURD, Gladys Joyce  30 Nov 1906Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4796 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 KANE, Annie Jean  31 Jan 1914Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10611 Short Family Tree 
17 LOBLINER, Ernest Ephraim  14 Apr 1884Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11565 Short Family Tree 
18 LOBLINER, Fanny M  1881Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I553 Short Family Tree 
19 LOBLINER, Joseph Leon  1880Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I552 Short Family Tree 
20 LOBLINER, Unnamed  1883Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I554 Short Family Tree 
21 LUMLEY, John Everitt  1880Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06886 Short Family Tree 
22 MCCLYMONT, Ivy  18 Jul 1901Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10333 Short Family Tree 
23 MCMAHON, Leo Terence  26 Dec 1908Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7579 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 O'ROURKE, Norma Frances Jean  7 Feb 1923Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8872 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 ROBERTS, Margaret Helen  14 Sep 1880Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05688 Short Family Tree 
26 SHORT, Arlie Fae  1925Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10200 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 SHORT, Barbara D  18 Sep 1919Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I16755 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 SHORT, Brian Clyde  18 Oct 1916Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7421 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 SHORT, Daisy Daphne  27 Aug 1916Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3841 Short Family Tree Misc 
30 SHORT, Gregory Robert  24 Dec 1920Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8873 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 SHORT, Jean  11 Aug 1914Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3840 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 SHORT, John Douglas  30 Jul 1918Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0037 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 SHORT, Richard Conway  23 Feb 1929Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7458 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 SHORT, Willa Margaret  15 Dec 1910Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I15984 Short Family Tree Misc 
35 STONE, Eileen May  5 May 1888Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11760 Short Family Tree 
36 WALKER, Ronald  11 Aug 1908Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10329 Short Family Tree 
37 WHEELER, Maureen Ellen  1924Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01387 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Martha Mary  09 Nov 1923Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06751 Short Family Tree 
2 BOORMAN, Cecelia M  14 Aug 1887Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11775 Short Family Tree 
3 BOORMAN, Francis William Joseph  30 Sep 1980Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11763 Short Family Tree 
4 BOORMAN, Gladys M  1914Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06810 Short Family Tree 
5 BOORMAN, Jessie Charlotte  3 Aug 1960Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06399 Short Family Tree 
6 BOORMAN, Lionel Harold Bowden  26 Dec 1924Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06788 Short Family Tree 
7 BOORMAN, Ronald Henly  2001Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5785 Short Family Tree 
8 BRAHAM, Mildred Grace  29 Aug 2007Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01507 Short Family Tree 
9 BUCKLAND, Annie Maria  1969Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9486 Short Family Tree 
10 CAREY, Ruby Amilda  14 Jun 1985Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2916 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 DAGG, Roy Edward  12 Nov 1970Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8158 Short Family Tree 
12 DAGG, William Lewis  8 Aug 1956Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8170 Short Family Tree 
13 EGGINS, Arthur Lewis  1948Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7844 Short Family Tree 
14 EGGINS, Esther Annie  1971Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7826 Short Family Tree 
15 EGGINS, Hedley Garnet  17 Apr 1961Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7828 Short Family Tree 
16 EGGINS, Ida Effie  29 Nov 1954Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7829 Short Family Tree 
17 EMERY, May Sarah Ann  16 Mar 1967Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0036 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 FOSTER, Alfred Robert  1953Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05849 Short Family Tree 
19 FOSTER, Iris Eileen  11 Jul 1991Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06860 Short Family Tree 
20 FROST, Charlotte  10 Dec 1918Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10356 Short Family Tree 
21 GILLIES, Donald  1929Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06179 Short Family Tree 
22 GREENHALGH, Caroline O  1913Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9605 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 GREENHALGH, Joseph  9 Sep 1874Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9606 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 HARVISON, Dora  1931Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05283 Short Family Tree 
25 KEELAN, Neville Cornelius  25 Dec 1999Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04694 Short Family Tree 
26 KENNEDY, Adeline Pearl  7 Dec 1992Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10343 Short Family Tree 
27 KENNEDY, Lurline Charlotte  18 Oct 1958Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10350 Short Family Tree 
28 KENNEDY, Thomas  7 Jan 1929Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10355 Short Family Tree 
29 KENNEDY, William G  30 Jan 1935Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10347 Short Family Tree 
30 KENNEDY, William Gordon  04 Sep 1946Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06752 Short Family Tree 
31 KENNEDY, William Gordon  29 Jul 1985Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10345 Short Family Tree 
32 KENNEDY, William Thomas  28 Nov 1986Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10316 Short Family Tree 
33 LOVELL, Muriel Rose  23 Apr 1971Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10508 Short Family Tree 
34 LOWE, William Charles  15 Feb 1976Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10351 Short Family Tree 
35 MCCLYMONT, Ivy  22 Jul 1990Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10333 Short Family Tree 
36 MONNOX, Elsie Estell  1 May 1968Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05850 Short Family Tree 
37 MOODY, Harold Phillip  10 Apr 1990Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10354 Short Family Tree 
38 PANTON, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth  3 Aug 1913Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9607 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 REID, Norma Mae  29 Mar 2012Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8163 Short Family Tree 
40 ROSE, Charles  1948Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9485 Short Family Tree 
41 SHORT, Allan Edward  15 May 1922Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0038 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 SHORT, Allen Weston  9 Jun 1997Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7554 Short Family Tree Misc 
43 SHORT, Barbara D  20 Sep 1919Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I16755 Short Family Tree Misc 
44 SHORT, Daisy Daphne  10 Mar 2005Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3841 Short Family Tree Misc 
45 SHORT, George Edward  2018Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7227 Short Family Tree Misc 
46 SHORT, Gregory Robert  29 Sep 1992Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8873 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 SHORT, Jean  1 Dec 2003Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3840 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 SHORT, John Douglas  3 Apr 1919Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0037 Short Family Tree Misc 
49 SHORT, Leslie Peter  2020Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2704 Short Family Tree Misc 
50 SHORT, Merton Alfred  5 Jun 1991Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7475 Short Family Tree Misc 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 DAGG, Roy Edward  13 Nov 1970Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8158 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 AINSWORTH / SHORT  21 Mar 1942Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2868 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ATTEWELL / EVERINGHAM  20 Sep 1947Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3678 Short Family Tree 
3 BOORMAN / HOLDEN  1929Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2120 Short Family Tree 
4 BOORMAN / PURSEY  1 Jul 1891Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4003 Short Family Tree 
5 BRYANT / KANE  9 Mar 1935Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3489 Short Family Tree 
6 COOP / BOORMAN  1928Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2121 Short Family Tree 
7 CREIGHTON / GILLIES  1948Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1956 Short Family Tree 
8 DAGG / FOX  16 Aug 1952Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2569 Short Family Tree 
9 DOUST / IRELAND  28 Jan 1939Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1837 Short Family Tree 
10 EASTMENT / BOORMAN  17 Feb 1887Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4015 Short Family Tree 
11 ELLIOTT / BOORMAN  1935Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2122 Short Family Tree 
12 FOSTER / KENNETT  11 Aug 1923Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3680 Short Family Tree 
13 GLYNN / HOLMES  1887Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F141 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
14 HARVISON / LEE  1936Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1647 Short Family Tree 
15 HITCHCOCK / FOSTER  14 Mar 1936LIsmore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3681 Short Family Tree 
16 JOHNSTON / SHORT  28 Feb 1948Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2661 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 JOYCE / KENNEDY  4 Jun 1924LIsmore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3387 Short Family Tree 
18 KENNEDY / MCCLYMONT  19 Apr 1940Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3386 Short Family Tree 
19 KENNEDY / UNDERHILL  6 Aug 1931Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3388 Short Family Tree 
20 LICKISS / BOORMAN  26 Sep 1883Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4013 Short Family Tree 
21 LOUDON / CLARK  1939Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1871 Short Family Tree 
22 LOWE / KENNEDY  30 May 1931Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3389 Short Family Tree 
23 MCMAHON / SHORT  9 Mar 1933Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2657 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 MOTT / IRELAND  12 Aug 1948Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4017 Short Family Tree 
25 PERRETT / ATTEWELL  25 Jun 1949Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3679 Short Family Tree 
26 REYNOLDS / KENNEDY  26 Aug 1933Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3390 Short Family Tree 
27 SHORT / CLARK  10 Jun 1967Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3327 Short Family Tree 
28 SHORT / DENT  30 Oct 1943Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3184 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 SHORT / DULEY  12 Feb 1938Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2649 Short Family Tree Misc 
30 SHORT / O'ROURKE  14 Jun 1941Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3198 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 SHORT / ROGERS  23 Sep 1910Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4733 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 TYE / ASHTON  7 May 1907Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F159 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
33 WALKDEN / BRAHAM  2 Nov 1932Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2767 Short Family Tree 
34 WALKER / KENNEDY  5 Sep 1936Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3383 Short Family Tree 
35 WEBBER / SHORT  27 Aug 1938Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1271 Short Family Tree Misc 
36 WHITNEY / SHORT  11 Apr 1936Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1270 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 WOODS / BOORMAN  1924Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2119 Short Family Tree 

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