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Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -33.92505, Longitude: 150.924429


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROOKER, Elizabeth  7 Dec 1810Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9039 Short Family Tree 
2 BROOKER, Mary  28 Nov 1812Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7621 Short Family Tree 
3 CANDY, Henrietta Elizabeth  28 Jan 1893Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2550 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 CROUCH, Jeanette Michelle  Abt Aug 1960Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I43 CALLAGHAN 
5 GILKES, Sidney Arthur  3 Dec 1912Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9514 Short Family Tree 
6 HARVISON, Cecil Armstrong  1903Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05335 Short Family Tree 
7 HARVISON, Joseph Barnier  1907Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05336 Short Family Tree 
8 KEMISTER, Roy Dennis  8 Sep 1895Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4239 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 MCGEE, William Andrew  4 Apr 1917Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I682 Short Family Tree Misc 
10 NICHELSEN, Beryl Augusta  20 Feb 1911Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3128 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 REEVES, Frederick  29 Jul 1915Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9129 Short Family Tree 
12 SHORT, Cecil Ernest  22 Jul 1911Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01107 Short Family Tree 
13 SHORT, Edith Pearl  29 May 1913Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01108 Short Family Tree 
14 SHORT, Elizabeth Jane Trevena  26 Jun 1906Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00778 Short Family Tree 
15 SHORT, George Edwin  31 Oct 1891Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01191 Short Family Tree 
16 SHORT, Walter Harold  10 Dec 1912Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00806 Short Family Tree 
17 THORN, Marjorie Beatrice  13 Jul 1906Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00758 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROOKER, Mary  Abt Dec 1812Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7621 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALEXANDER, Ida Madeline  1 Oct 1973Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I461 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 BENNETT, Nancy Erica  15 Feb 1994Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7864 Short Family Tree 
3 CROUCH, Jeanette Michelle  14 Nov 1960Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I43 CALLAGHAN 
4 CUMMINGS, Ethyl Lynda  14 Aug 2007Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2131 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 GIFFEN, John Scott  31 Dec 1979Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07135 Short Family Tree 
6 GREGORY, Betty Edith  3 Jul 1955Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10482 Short Family Tree 
7 HEALEY, William Charles  Abt 1945Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2762 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 HOJEL, Percival Claude  10 Jul 1948Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2170 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 ILLINGWORTH, Marion  29 Aug 1992Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7783 Short Family Tree 
10 LONGHURST, Mark  Abt 1950Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4199 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 MADGWICK, Daniel Bond  24 May 1945Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8077 Short Family Tree 
12 MADGWICK, William Walter  16 Nov 1952Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9126 Short Family Tree 
13 MUNDAY, Herbert Albert  1939Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07062 Short Family Tree 
14 MUTTON, Charles Sydney  8 Oct 1949Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00371 Short Family Tree 
15 MUTTON, Edward Norman  6 Apr 1963Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00409 Short Family Tree 
16 O'CONNOR, Mary Theresa  5 May 1964Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02285 Short Family Tree 
17 OXFORD, George  25 Dec 1867Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4942 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 PAUL, Oswald Edward  8 Nov 1945Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00501 Short Family Tree 
19 REA, Norma Ellen  4 Jun 1983Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9221 Short Family Tree 
20 REDMAN, Bertha Olive  23 Mar 1981Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7352 Short Family Tree 
21 SHORT, Albert Ernest  11 May 1946Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4715 Short Family Tree Misc 
22 SHORT, Colleen May  30 Dec 1987Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10570 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
23 SHORT, Edward Patrick  8 Apr 1999Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2130 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 SHORT, Ernest Albert  11 May 1946Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4050 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 SHORT, Evelyn Madge Ruth  6 Aug 2011Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2588 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 SHORT, Harold Nicholas  13 Nov 1950Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02789 Short Family Tree 
27 SHORT, John George  31 Dec 1949Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I424 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 SHORT, Mary  20 Oct 1891Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00115 Short Family Tree 
29 SHORT, Robert Leslie  2 Nov 1968Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10509 Short Family Tree 
30 SHORT, Theodore Keith  19 Nov 1998Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I6959 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 SHORT, Violet Evelyn Rosalie  05 Sep 1995Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I456 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 SLOGGETT, William Richard  25 Sep 1954Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00636 Short Family Tree 
33 SMITH, Thomas Long  9 Oct 1937Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8923 Short Family Tree 
34 STEVENS, William Leslie  11 Sep 1965Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10490 Short Family Tree 
35 SYKES, Violet May  13 Apr 1990Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10071 Short Family Tree 
36 TEE, Henry John  1943Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8876 Short Family Tree 
37 THOMPSON, Clive Guthrie  1949Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9275 Short Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 SHORT, Albert Ernest  13 May 1946Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4715 Short Family Tree Misc 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 GILKES, Charles Arthur  18 Feb 1915Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7906 Short Family Tree 
2 GILKES, John Alfred  18 Feb 1915Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9586 Short Family Tree 
3 SHORT, Edwin Douglas  9 Feb 1915Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7836 Short Family Tree Misc 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BROWN / FRIPP  30 Jan 1895Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1074 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 CROUCH / WILKIE  8 Aug 1959Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F204 CALLAGHAN 
3 DAVIS / SHORT  28 Jan 1950Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3466 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
4 HOLLIDAY / DAVIS  4 Jul 1914Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1154 Short Family Tree 
5 REEVES / MADGWICK  1944Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2909 Short Family Tree 
6 SHORT / BRIGGS  21 May 1938Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0423 Short Family Tree 
7 STARKEY / HARVISON  1910Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1644 Short Family Tree 
8 TICKNER / SHORT  20 Nov 1948Liverpool, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3149 Short Family Tree Misc 

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