Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -29.46540795029845, Longitude: 153.20313334465027


   Name   Location 
1.Maclean General CemeteryNew South Wales, AUSTRALIA


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Ivy M  1885Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06902 Short Family Tree 
2 BAKER, Lizzie S  1883Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06901 Short Family Tree 
3 BAKER, Samuel G M  1887Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06903 Short Family Tree 
4 BAKER, Violet Florence  1881Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06900 Short Family Tree 
5 BAKER, William  1880Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06899 Short Family Tree 
6 BOORMAN, Elsie May  25 Nov 1882Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06400 Short Family Tree 
7 DOUST, Alice P M  1900Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05993 Short Family Tree 
8 DOUST, Bertie J  1898Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05992 Short Family Tree 
9 DOUST, Charles Edward  13 Apr 1901Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05982 Short Family Tree 
10 DOUST, Milton Kendal  21 Oct 1905Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05984 Short Family Tree 
11 DOUST, Reginald Jackson  30 May 1903Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05983 Short Family Tree 
12 DOUST, Wilfred  1889Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05989 Short Family Tree 
13 DOUST, Willie H  1895Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05991 Short Family Tree 
14 DOUST, Winifred  1891Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05990 Short Family Tree 
15 EGGINS, Alexander J  1904Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06389 Short Family Tree 
16 EGGINS, Alexandria Irene  1904Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06391 Short Family Tree 
17 EGGINS, Melvie Beatrice  07 Jul 1901Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06387 Short Family Tree 
18 EGGINS, Vera Gwendoline  26 Feb 1906Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06390 Short Family Tree 
19 FRANKS, Ivy Myra Nelson  27 Aug 1887Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05900 Short Family Tree 
20 FROST, Eva Mabel  1882Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5241 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 GILLIES, Alexander Clyde  6 Oct 1910Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06322 Short Family Tree 
22 GILLIES, Annie Beryl  27 Jun 1909Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06329 Short Family Tree 
23 LAW, Alice May  4 May 1897Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06974 Short Family Tree 
24 LAW, Charles Reginald  8 Dec 1906Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06979 Short Family Tree 
25 LAW, Daisy Helen  9 Jul 1909Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06980 Short Family Tree 
26 LAW, Harold Ernest  30 Nov 1912Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06981 Short Family Tree 
27 LAW, James Alexander  5 Jul 1901Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06976 Short Family Tree 
28 LAW, Victoria Lavinia Love  15 Sep 1905Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06978 Short Family Tree 
29 LAW, William John  31 Jul 1903Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06977 Short Family Tree 
30 MADGWICK, Annie Christina  1880Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8073 Short Family Tree 
31 MADGWICK, Evalin Cleaver  1882Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8074 Short Family Tree 
32 MADGWICK, Walter C  1884Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8075 Short Family Tree 
33 NORTHCOTT, Reginald Gordon  1892Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06478 Short Family Tree 
34 PRINDABLE, Clarice  1 May 1906Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11072 Short Family Tree 
35 PRINDABLE, Elizabeth Winifred  1 Aug 1897Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11066 Short Family Tree 
36 PRINDABLE, Michael James Hedley  20 Aug 1908Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11073 Short Family Tree 
37 PRINDABLE, Phyllis Kate  8 Sep 1900Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11069 Short Family Tree 
38 SHORT, Bernard Stafford  1911Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06362 Short Family Tree 
39 SHORT, Dorothy Reta  10 Sep 1903Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06360 Short Family Tree 
40 SHORT, Edna Ivy  09 Jul 1895Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05880 Short Family Tree 
41 SHORT, Elizabeth Eleanor May  12 Oct 1882Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07017 Short Family Tree 
42 SHORT, Eric Stanley  31 Oct 1906Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06361 Short Family Tree 
43 SHORT, Ethel Myra  06 Jul 1913Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06781 Short Family Tree 
44 SHORT, Ivy Izora  07 Feb 1912Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06780 Short Family Tree 
45 SHORT, James Reginald Sidney  18 Jul 1888Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07018 Short Family Tree 
46 SHORT, Samuel James  16 Jun 1915Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06357 Short Family Tree 
47 ZUILL, Eva May  1 Jul 1896Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06384 Short Family Tree 
48 ZUILL, Florence  30 Mar 1901Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06264 Short Family Tree 
49 ZUILL, John McGibbon  12 Nov 1898Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06265 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Julia A  1879Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06898 Short Family Tree 
2 BAKER, Lizzie S  1887Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06901 Short Family Tree 
3 BAKER, Violet Florence  1885Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06900 Short Family Tree 
4 BOOTHBY, Thomas Wilfred  1970Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06406 Short Family Tree 
5 BOYD, William Clive  20 Mar 1973Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7805 Short Family Tree 
6 CARTER, Percy Stanfield  15 Jun 1956Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06183 Short Family Tree 
7 DOUST, Wilfred  1889Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05989 Short Family Tree 
8 EGGINS, Alexandria Irene  1904Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06391 Short Family Tree 
9 EGGINS, Herbert  1923Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7832 Short Family Tree 
10 LAW, James Alexander  6 Jan 1913Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06973 Short Family Tree 
11 MADGWICK, Edward Charlton  3 Dec 1885Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06920 Short Family Tree 
12 MADGWICK, Eliza Love  19 Apr 1895Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06919 Short Family Tree 
13 PRINDABLE, Michael James Hedley  21 Feb 1979Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11073 Short Family Tree 
14 YOUNG, Edith May  13 Apr 1966Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06182 Short Family Tree 
15 YOUNG, Freida Beryl  20 May 1909Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06181 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID   Tree 
1 EGGINS, Corallie Ethel  06 Mar 1910Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05881 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MARSH / MCLENNAN  2 Sep 1891Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2582 Short Family Tree 
2 McQUEEN / SHORT  24 Jun 1936Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1951 Short Family Tree 
3 PRINDABLE / CREIGHTON  3 Nov 1909Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3699 Short Family Tree 
4 SHORT / WATSON  16 Apr 1892Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1781 Short Family Tree 
5 SHORT / WHALAN  8 Sep 1945Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1953 Short Family Tree 
6 WEIR / SHORT  8 Dec 1945Maclean, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1952 Short Family Tree 

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