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Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -32.734714, Longitude: 151.558573


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 APPS, Ann Eliza  1858Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7836 Short Family Tree 
2 APPS, Emily  1864Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05966 Short Family Tree 
3 BENJAMIN, Eve Elizabeth  Abt 1868Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3446 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 BOORMAN, Harriet Jane  12 Sep 1858Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11772 Short Family Tree 
5 BOORMAN, James  10 May 1845Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05939 Short Family Tree 
6 BOORMAN, Jane Ann  20 Dec 1851Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05945 Short Family Tree 
7 BOORMAN, John  20 Nov 1849Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05944 Short Family Tree 
8 BOORMAN, Mary  30 Jun 1854Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05946 Short Family Tree 
9 BOORMAN, William Concemore  3 Jul 1860Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11757 Short Family Tree 
10 BOWDEN, Sarah Jane  19 May 1856Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06426 Short Family Tree 
11 BROGAN, John Thomas  1864Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7557 Short Family Tree 
12 BROWNE, Alice Emily  2 Oct 1868Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7875 Short Family Tree 
13 BULL, Agnes Matilda  9 Feb 1864Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12100 Short Family Tree 
14 BYRNE, Michael Joseph  1848Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2926 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 CARRUTHERS, Charlotte Sarah  19 Jun 1863Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I69 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
16 CRIDLAND, Margaret  26 Jul 1849Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10113 Short Family Tree 
17 DURRINGTON, Ada Catherine  22 Jan 1877Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06305 Short Family Tree 
18 EGGINS, Alfred  1862Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7842 Short Family Tree 
19 EGGINS, Charles H  1859Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7840 Short Family Tree 
20 EGGINS, Elizabeth  1846Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7833 Short Family Tree 
21 EGGINS, James  1860Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7841 Short Family Tree 
22 EGGINS, Mary Jane  1857Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06365 Short Family Tree 
23 EGGINS, Samuel  18 Dec 1861Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06272 Short Family Tree 
24 FEW, Eliza  26 Sep 1858Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00356 Short Family Tree 
25 FILMER, Reginald William  25 Feb 1910Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8843 Short Family Tree Misc 
26 FOSTER, Alvin Short  02 Oct 1912Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06436 Short Family Tree 
27 FOSTER, Erroll Short  21 Jul 1906Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05842 Short Family Tree 
28 FOSTER, Jack  1909Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05843 Short Family Tree 
29 FOX, Florence Mary Alice  1874Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8150 Short Family Tree 
30 FOX, Mabel Anne  1875Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8148 Short Family Tree 
31 GRILLS, James  9 Jun 1834Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5090 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 HUGHES, Eliza  11 Feb 1832Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I12599 Short Family Tree 
33 MADGWICK, Eliza Love  9 Aug 1846Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06919 Short Family Tree 
34 MADGWICK, James Henry  1851Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06922 Short Family Tree 
35 MCARTHUR, Ronald Douglas  11 Dec 1918Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11890 Short Family Tree 
36 MUTTON, Leslie Keith  1927Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11893 Short Family Tree 
37 MUTTON, Maxwell Thomas  20 Jan 1925Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11891 Short Family Tree 
38 PRICE, David  1876Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11887 Short Family Tree 
39 PULLEN, Lillian Alice  28 Oct 1880Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06309 Short Family Tree 
40 REYNOLDS, Charles J  1854Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7767 Short Family Tree 
41 REYNOLDS, Mary Ellen  1856Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7770 Short Family Tree 
42 REYNOLDS, Thomas Louis  1853Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00228 Short Family Tree 
43 REYNOLDS, Violet Amelia  1853Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7769 Short Family Tree 
44 RICHARDS, Mary Ann  04 Sep 1847Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06372 Short Family Tree 
45 SHORT, Betty Linda  4 Apr 1915Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10661 Short Family Tree 
46 SHORT, Eva Madgwick  12 Apr 1870Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06956 Short Family Tree 
47 SHORT, Harold Nicholas  14 Sep 1871Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02789 Short Family Tree 
48 SHORT, Henry  18 Nov 1868Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05829 Short Family Tree 
49 SHORT, John  13 May 1844Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I0006 Short Family Tree Misc 
50 SHORT, Leslie Samuel  22 Jun 1873Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8416 Short Family Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 SHORT, John  23 Dec 1839Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05819 Short Family Tree 
2 SHORT, Margaret Ann  4 Feb 1849Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2429 Short Family Tree Misc 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, Linda May  28 Nov 1968Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06614 Short Family Tree 
2 BALL, Joseph  1853Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10946 Short Family Tree 
3 BENSLEY, Hazel Mildred  4 Apr 2006Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11892 Short Family Tree 
4 BOGAN, John  Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I5759 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 BOORMAN, John  11 Feb 1851Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05944 Short Family Tree 
6 BUTLER, Maria  17 Mar 1911Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11601 Short Family Tree 
7 BYRNE, Keyran Kearns  1 Mar 1865Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2914 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 CHAPMAN, Colin  23 Jun 2011Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9971 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 EGGINS, Charles H  1859Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7840 Short Family Tree 
10 EGGINS, Edna May  1951Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9277 Short Family Tree 
11 FOSTER, Clarance  14 Jul 1972Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05855 Short Family Tree 
12 GOULD, Lucinda Caroline  1 Aug 1936Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06796 Short Family Tree 
13 HAINE, Maria  14 Jan 1884Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10942 Short Family Tree 
14 KILLEN, Clive John  14 Sep 1967Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07023 Short Family Tree 
15 KING, John William  5 Jul 1858Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8146 Short Family Tree 
16 MCARTHUR, Ronald Douglas  20 Jun 2012Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11890 Short Family Tree 
17 MCCANN, Catherine  17 Dec 1856Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06423 Short Family Tree 
18 MILLBOURNE-MARSH, Kathleen Stella  14 May 1973Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04317 Short Family Tree 
19 MOORE, Alexander Kevin  Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10662 Short Family Tree 
20 MOORE, Frank  6 Sep 1985Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4514 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 MUTTON, Beryl Joyce  25 Jul 2010Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11889 Short Family Tree 
22 MUTTON, Frederick Arthur  21 Apr 1955Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00232 Short Family Tree 
23 MUTTON, John Richard  4 Mar 1940Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00230 Short Family Tree 
24 PEPPER, Grace Bertha  15 Sep 1959Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8126 Short Family Tree 
25 PULLEN, Frederick Charles  1932Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06795 Short Family Tree 
26 RICHARDSON, Selina Jessie  13 Apr 1956Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07025 Short Family Tree 
27 ROACH, Margaret Jane  13 Jan 1924Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4075 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 ROBINS, Elsie May  1965Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9281 Short Family Tree 
29 SCOTT, John Malcolm  24 Nov 1960Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06422 Short Family Tree 
30 SHORT, Betty Linda  14 Apr 2009Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10661 Short Family Tree 
31 SHORT, Effie Tryphena  02 Dec 1997Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06849 Short Family Tree 
32 SHORT, Eva May  2 Feb 1995Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4072 Short Family Tree Misc 
33 SHORT, Lloyd Stafford  29 Aug 1974Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2880 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 SHORT, Robert John  9 Jul 2009Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7088 Short Family Tree Misc 
35 SHORT, Samuel Henry  21 Jul 1965Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02792 Short Family Tree 
36 SHORT, Samuel James  6 Jan 1967Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06357 Short Family Tree 
37 SHUTT, Thomas  1836Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11764 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 SING, Jane  5 Feb 1906Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06647 Short Family Tree 
39 SWINTON, Sabina  26 Aug 1960Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4070 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 WATSON, Ada Caroline  30 Dec 1963Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11888 Short Family Tree 
41 WILCOX, Ellen Clarinda  28 Jul 1958Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00231 Short Family Tree 
42 WINDSOR, Thomas  18 Sep 1862Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I248 Short Family Tree 

Also Known As

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Also Known As    Person ID   Tree 
1 CRIDLAND, Henrietta  1845Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10110 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 APPS / EGGINS  23 Mar 1856Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1976 Short Family Tree 
2 ASHWORTH / HAINE  1853Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3637 Short Family Tree 
3 BOORMAN / BOWDEN  31 Jul 1862Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1806 Short Family Tree 
4 BOORMAN / WHENHAM  28 Nov 1857Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1805 Short Family Tree 
5 EGGINS / RICHARDS  01 Sep 1868Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1974 Short Family Tree 
6 MONNOX / ANDREWS  1866Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2130 Short Family Tree 
7 MUTTON / BENSLEY  15 Apr 1950Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4058 Short Family Tree 
8 PAINE / WHENHAM  1 Nov 1860Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2604 Short Family Tree 
9 SHORT / BOURKE  10 Mar 1951Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2196 Short Family Tree 
10 SHORT / BOWDEN  09 Aug 1876Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1992 Short Family Tree 
11 SHORT / EGAN  1842Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F729 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 SHORT / LEGGETT  2 Feb 1867Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1767 Short Family Tree 
13 SHORT / MCCANN  29 Apr 1847Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1991 Short Family Tree 
14 SHORT / NICHOLS  4 Oct 1952Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F231 Short Family Tree 
15 SHORT / STARR  22 Jul 1856Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0922 Short Family Tree 
16 SHUTT / CROSS  12 Jan 1833Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4610 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 SKETCHLEY / MCCONKEY  1851Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4608 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 SMITHERS / YEOMANS  18 Jul 1877Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3933 Short Family Tree 
19 SOUTHCOMBE / LEGGETT  24 May 1880Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1769 Short Family Tree 
20 TESTER / HENRY  16 Jul 1877Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3427 Short Family Tree 
21 TIBBS / ARCHER  4 Aug 1862Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1112 Short Family Tree 

Newspaper Articles

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   Family    Newspaper Articles    Family ID   Tree 
1 GRILLS / BRIDGE  6 Feb 1883Maitland, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1741 Short Family Tree Misc 

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