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Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA



City/Town : Latitude: -33.896449, Longitude: 151.180013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AITKEN, Vere Manning  3 Jan 1893Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7647 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 ALBURY, Frederick George  27 Sep 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10757 Short Family Tree 
3 ALBURY, Robert John David  15 Jul 1886Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10756 Short Family Tree 
4 ALDERSON, Kathleen May  14 Jun 1909Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3392 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 ANDERSON, Robert  10 Mar 1898Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03333 Short Family Tree 
6 ANDERSON, Sabina  25 Apr 1890Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03332 Short Family Tree 
7 AUERBACH, Adolphus  1874Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05254 Short Family Tree 
8 BOOTS, Mary Albertina  20 May 1876Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9857 Short Family Tree 
9 BORROTT, Robert William Henry  1909Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7542 Short Family Tree 
10 BOULDRON, Eileen J  1906Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9461 Short Family Tree 
11 CALETTI, Infant  1923Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8904 Short Family Tree 
12 CARRUTHERS, William David  1 Jun 1916Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7311 Short Family Tree Misc 
13 COOK, Orealla Ann  16 Aug 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7892 Short Family Tree 
14 COULTON, Elsie May  5 Feb 1897Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3579 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 CROKER, Margaret Elizabeth  11 Dec 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11210 Short Family Tree Misc 
16 CROSS, Rose May  1886Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10523 Short Family Tree 
17 FAY, James Joseph  1886Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9663 Short Family Tree 
18 FIDDEN, Minnie Rose  1868Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3544 Short Family Tree Misc 
19 FREEMAN, Henry  7 Oct 1868Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06296 Short Family Tree 
20 HARMAN, Florence Christina  25 May 1916Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00003 Short Family Tree 
21 HARRISON, Arthur Sidney Temple  1887Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00075 Short Family Tree 
22 HAYES, Emanuel Joseph  2 Dec 1881Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8482 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 HOLLIDAY, Albert Victor  27 May 1888Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03612 Short Family Tree 
24 HOLLIDAY, Edith Maude  4 Jun 1890Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03712 Short Family Tree 
25 HOLLIDAY, Ida Emily  21 May 1886Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03611 Short Family Tree 
26 HOLLIDAY, Ruby Maud  30 Apr 1890Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03613 Short Family Tree 
27 HUNT, Percy Lionel  15 Jul 1889Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I23 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
28 JASPER, Emma Kate  14 Mar 1894Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I67 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
29 JOLLY, Roy Edward Bliss  24 Nov 1885Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02283 Short Family Tree 
30 JONES, Edmund John  14 Aug 1881Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9074 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 LAWSON, Laura Marcella  27 Dec 1917Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3366 Short Family Tree Misc 
32 LONERGAN, Teresa Eileen  6 Jun 1908Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01882 Short Family Tree 
33 LOVE, Ivy  7 Feb 1896Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7727 Short Family Tree 
34 LYNCH, Barbara  17 Dec 1937Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7879 Short Family Tree 
35 LYNCH, Kenneth Sutcliffe  19 May 1913Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7877 Short Family Tree 
36 LYONS, Harry James  1900Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I02126 Short Family Tree 
37 MASTERS, Emoline Coley  30 Apr 1864Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03610 Short Family Tree 
38 MCNAMARA, Gertrude Eileen  1903Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11185 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 MULQUINN, Teresa  6 Mar 1883Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07076 Short Family Tree 
40 MUTTON, Percy  23 Nov 1883Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00412 Short Family Tree 
41 PHILLIPS, Bruce Martin  31 Jul 1909Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05231 Short Family Tree 
42 PLAYER, Sylvia  1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07002 Short Family Tree 
43 RICHARDSON, Ruth  20 Nov 1908Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I6954 Short Family Tree Misc 
44 RIVERS, William John  4 Oct 1892Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7787 Short Family Tree 
45 SANTER, Ernest Charles  1886Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9574 Short Family Tree 
46 SEDGERS, Frederick Bede  9 Sep 1912Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3745 Short Family Tree Misc 
47 SHORT, Albert  27 Feb 1859Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3607 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
48 SHORT, Amy Beacon  22 Nov 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I64 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
49 SHORT, Aubrey John deVere  10 Dec 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00934 Short Family Tree 
50 SHORT, Beryle  4 Sep 1914Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4298 Short Family Tree Misc 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGUS, Agnes Fraser  25 Sep 1933Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I18 Short Family Tree - Kent 
2 BAILEY, Joseph John  17 Feb 1964Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2969 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BARKER, William Richard  23 Mar 1942Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11344 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 BARROW, Robert Leslie  2 Feb 1968Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2662 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 BEAKING, Maria  20 Nov 1872Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
6 BOOTS, Mary Albertina  22 May 1909Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9857 Short Family Tree 
7 BOULDRON, Florence Mary  18 Mar 1915Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9457 Short Family Tree 
8 BOULDRON, William F  16 Aug 1914Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9458 Short Family Tree 
9 BYCROFT, Charlotte  9 Apr 1957Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05628 Short Family Tree 
10 BYRNES, Bernard  13 Jan 1940Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7436 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 BYRNES, William George  26 Sep 1969Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7437 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 CALETTI, Infant  14 Nov 1923Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8904 Short Family Tree 
13 COOPER, Henry Clarence  1963Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8684 Short Family Tree 
14 COULTON, Charles Frederick  18 May 1970Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3549 Short Family Tree Misc 
15 COX, Rose Josephine Clara  1939Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07304 Short Family Tree 
16 CRIDLAND, Eileen Mary  18 Nov 1948Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9872 Short Family Tree 
17 DANSON, Frances  17 Jul 1911Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01904 Short Family Tree 
18 DONOHOE, Sarah Josephine  2 Dec 1893Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4716 Short Family Tree Misc 
19 DOUGLAS, Flora  15 Dec 1936Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06408 Short Family Tree 
20 DOVEY, Emma M  1912Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8772 Short Family Tree 
21 DOVEY, HIlda May  1954Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8771 Short Family Tree 
22 DREWETT, Francis Aldrich  4 Jan 1929Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7740 Short Family Tree 
23 DUNPHY, Gladys Verna  23 Sep 1962Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8387 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 DURIEU, Edith Ethel  23 Aug 1968Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9596 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 FACE, Jack H  1972Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05360 Short Family Tree 
26 FRANEY, Mary  1914Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8195 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 GENTZ, Johanna Fredericka Carolina Henrietta  10 Feb 1919Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9859 Short Family Tree Misc 
28 GUNNING, Walter Richard Samuel  31 Mar 1970Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00650 Short Family Tree 
29 HARE, Henry Richard  11 Aug 1946Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8902 Short Family Tree 
30 HARRISON, Clara Evelyn M  1956Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8788 Short Family Tree 
31 HARVISON, William  1885Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05328 Short Family Tree 
32 HAWKINS, Anne Jane  1921Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07294 Short Family Tree 
33 HAYES, Marion Charlotte  11 Jul 1950Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I79 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
34 HOLLIDAY, Frederick William  15 Nov 1951Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03583 Short Family Tree 
35 HOUGH, Brian Joseph  16 Mar 1952Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9955 Short Family Tree 
36 HOWBRIGG, Charles Edward  23 Oct 1962Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10153 Short Family Tree 
37 HUNT, Frances Louisa  13 Jun 1945Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00677 Short Family Tree 
38 HUNT, Kathleen Rose  19 Jun 1955Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8965 Short Family Tree 
39 JORDAN, William Reuben  7 Sep 1943Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7716 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 KENT, Oswald Percy Patterson  21 Jun 1936Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00074 Short Family Tree 
41 KIRBY, William Blesby  22 Jan 1930Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3884 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 LOGAN, Leonard William  Abt 1961Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3212 Short Family Tree Misc 
43 MALONEY, Alexander James  23 Sep 1970Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2949 Short Family Tree Misc 
44 MARTIN, Ernest Amos  16 May 1966Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8871 Short Family Tree Misc 
45 MARTIN, Sabina Rachel  22 Nov 1898Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03324 Short Family Tree 
46 MCKAY, Roderick  11 Nov 1961Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01664 Short Family Tree 
47 MCKENZIE, Caroline May  5 May 1957Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3385 Short Family Tree Misc 
48 MCKUNE, Kathleen Pearl  25 Dec 1949Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01519 Short Family Tree 
49 MCMAHON, Arthur Joseph Ross  12 Jun 1940Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10534 Short Family Tree 
50 MENSER, Joshua Kenneth  9 Jun 1973Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7105 Short Family Tree Misc 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 SHORT, Rebecca  1863Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON / LOTEN  14 Apr 1908Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1052 Short Family Tree 
2 AUGUSTUS / SHORT  22 Feb 1897Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F23 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
3 BAKER / TYE  24 May 1893Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F158 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
4 BEATTIE / STREET  29 Dec 1941Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2596 Short Family Tree 
5 BECKETT / PITT  23 Dec 1935Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2753 Short Family Tree 
6 BROWN / THOMPSON  1938Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2975 Short Family Tree 
7 CAVANOUGH / TYE  27 Feb 1892Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F155 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
8 CHAPMAN / HOOD  1927Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2482 Short Family Tree 
9 COOK / WRIGHT  25 Feb 1882Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2478 Short Family Tree 
10 COULTON / HUGHES  3 Oct 1896Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1176 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 DAYMENT / THOMPSON  8 Mar 1924Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2705 Short Family Tree 
12 DUGGAN / DAY  1 Dec 1934Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2988 Short Family Tree Misc 
13 FINDLAY / SHORT  3 May 1929Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F682 Short Family Tree Misc 
14 FOGARTY / LAUGHTON  26 Jul 1897Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3642 Short Family Tree 
15 GRESHAM / SHORT  18 Apr 1936Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F145 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
16 HAND / SHORT  17 Dec 1932Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1096 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 HARVISON / BASSAN  1890Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1654 Short Family Tree 
18 HARVISON / CROOKSHANKS  25 Jul 1899Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1616 Short Family Tree 
19 HEALY / JENNER  10 Jan 1922Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3284 Short Family Tree 
20 HERZOG / MUTTON  12 Jul 1890Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0168 Short Family Tree 
21 HORSFIELD / DIBLEY  1 Jan 1898Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3486 Short Family Tree Misc 
22 HUNTER / MCKENZIE  29 Oct 1923Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F4126 Short Family Tree Misc 
23 IRVINE / LAWSON  3 Mar 1943Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1089 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 JOHNSTONE / DUKE  27 Mar 1937Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2171 Short Family Tree 
25 KENT / WILSON  22 Apr 1911Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1802 Short Family Tree 
26 LAWSON / SHORT  9 Mar 1910Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1086 Short Family Tree Misc 
27 LONERGAN / MULQUINN  2 Sep 1905Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2214 Short Family Tree 
28 LONG / SCHUTZ  4 Apr 1907Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3936 Short Family Tree Misc 
29 LYNCH / ROBSON  26 Dec 1936Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2473 Short Family Tree 
30 LYNCH / SHORT  4 Apr 1923Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F793 Short Family Tree Misc 
31 LYNCH / WESTBROOK  1913Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2474 Short Family Tree 
32 MADGWICK / DAVISON  21 Jun 1924Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2905 Short Family Tree 
33 MASTERS / SHORT  2 May 1916Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F767 Short Family Tree Misc 
34 MOODY / LOVELL  26 Apr 1933Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3446 Short Family Tree 
35 PATTON / SHORT  24 Nov 1967Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F120 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
36 PETITH / SHORT  27 Aug 1936Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F946 Short Family Tree Misc 
37 PRENDERGAST / THORNTON  23 Mar 1918Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2687 Short Family Tree Misc 
38 RAYWARD / HOWARD  8 Jun 1912Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F741 Short Family Tree Misc 
39 ROGERS / MORELLI  Abt 1894Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1165 Short Family Tree Misc 
40 SCHUTZ / CORPS  21 Oct 1914Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3937 Short Family Tree Misc 
41 SHORT / ALDERSON  12 Jan 1929Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1097 Short Family Tree Misc 
42 SHORT / BEGBIE  16 Apr 1918Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1297 Short Family Tree Misc 
43 SHORT / COOPER  19 Mar 1881Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F684 Short Family Tree Misc 
44 SHORT / DAVIES  29 Oct 1884Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F6 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
45 SHORT / DONOHOE  12 Apr 1889Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1590 Short Family Tree Misc 
46 SHORT / EVANS  24 Apr 1869Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F32 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
47 SHORT / HAY  21 Dec 1912Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0489 Short Family Tree 
48 SHORT / JACKSON  18 Mar 1930Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3557 Short Family Tree Misc 
49 SHORT / MADGWICK  24 Apr 1865Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2151 Short Family Tree 
50 SHORT / PATTON  20 Dec 1937Newtown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1093 Short Family Tree Misc 

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