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Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA


City/Town : Latitude: -33.744073, Longitude: 150.69602


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AITCHISON, Joseph Wilkes  1889Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10808 Short Family Tree 
2 BOWDITCH, Kate Margaret  15 Apr 1896Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I4506 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BOWMAN, Frederick W  28 Feb 1862Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9879 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 CURRY, Richard  14 Oct 1842Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10707 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 EISENHUTH, George Martin  25 Jan 1884Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07086 Short Family Tree 
6 GOODSELL, Mary  Abt 1861Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2368 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 HOLLIDAY, Mary Meredith  18 Sep 1913Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04183 Short Family Tree 
8 JONES, Evelyn May  7 May 1881Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04191 Short Family Tree 
9 JUDGES, Emmeline Elizabeth  1 May 1883Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04181 Short Family Tree 
10 KING, Reginald S  21 Nov 1916Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11752 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 LATHLEAN, Cecil William  Abt 1901Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3339 Short Family Tree Misc 
12 MADGWICK, John Sydney  15 Mar 1880Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06930 Short Family Tree 
13 MILLS, Ivy Bertha  6 Jun 1892Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I47 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
14 NEALE, Constance Margaret  6 Jan 1885Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04162 Short Family Tree 
15 ORTON, Esther  7 May 1888Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7782 Short Family Tree 
16 PETITH, George Phillip  Abt 1881Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I1705 Short Family Tree Misc 
17 RANDALL, Allan Miller West  2 Nov 1919Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07000 Short Family Tree 
18 RANDALL, Sidney Gordon  15 Dec 1880Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I07001 Short Family Tree 
19 SHORT, Sydney John  15 Feb 1911Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00936 Short Family Tree 
20 TOLHURST, Alfred John  26 Jul 1859Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7362 Short Family Tree 
21 TOLHURST, Arthur Henry  21 Jan 1880Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06588 Short Family Tree 
22 TOLHURST, Walter  12 Apr 1885Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06591 Short Family Tree 
23 WALKER, George Ray Harvison  1897Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05313 Short Family Tree 
24 WHITE, Ethel Jane  1894Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11119 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 CURRY, Richard  6 Nov 1842Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10707 Short Family Tree Misc 
2 SHORT, Emma  17 Jan 1842Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00122 Short Family Tree 
3 SHORT, John  5 Apr 1844Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2346 Short Family Tree Misc 


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Aubrey Francis  30 Oct 1972Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10203 Short Family Tree 
2 BEAZLEY, George Abraham  Abt 1972Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3274 Short Family Tree Misc 
3 BOND, Allan Edward  9 Mar 1970Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I3532 Short Family Tree Misc 
4 BULLOCH, Russell Alexander McPhee  12 Dec 1993Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01648 Short Family Tree 
5 COPP, Clive Thomas  7 Aug 1980Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00083 Short Family Tree 
6 CUMMINS, Laura Jane  27 Mar 2007Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I16751 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 DONNELLY, Thomas Raymond  25 Oct 1962Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2589 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 HAMER, Hilma Irene  22 Jul 2002Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01643 Short Family Tree 
9 HARVISON, Henrietta  16 Dec 1899Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05278 Short Family Tree 
10 HOLLIDAY, Arthur William  14 Sep 1926Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03711 Short Family Tree 
11 HOLLIDAY, Erina Charlotte  6 Feb 1971Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I01274 Short Family Tree 
12 HOLLIDAY, Mary Meredith  9 Jan 1917Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I04183 Short Family Tree 
13 JENNER, Milton Aubrey  21 Jul 1992Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I10003 Short Family Tree 
14 KENDALL, Douglas  26 May 1989Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11452 Short Family Tree 
15 O'BRIEN, Susan  24 Aug 1897Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06585 Short Family Tree 
16 OGILVIE, Dennis Gordon  15 May 2010Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00833 Short Family Tree 
17 RIDER, Wilfred John Christie  15 Aug 1973Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9101 Short Family Tree Misc 
18 ROUGHLEY, Kenneth Bruce  8 Jan 2001Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00191 Short Family Tree 
19 RYAN, Robert Barry  21 Sep 2017Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I11059 Short Family Tree 
20 SHORT, Allan  Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I2685 Short Family Tree Misc 
21 SHORT, Elsie Jean  7 Mar 2010Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I72 John SHORT & Decendants - from Grantham 
22 SHORT, Emma  19 Jan 1842Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00122 Short Family Tree 
23 SHORT, Reginald Allan  12 Oct 2022Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7462 Short Family Tree Misc 
24 SHORT, Shirley Pearl  10 Jan 2009Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I8602 Short Family Tree Misc 
25 STEPHENSON, Lesley Norah  19 May 2003Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I00190 Short Family Tree 
26 SUTHERLAND, Lois Isabell  8 Feb 1987Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9566 Short Family Tree 
27 THOMAS, Arthur Cecil Coplin  2 Jul 1963Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05673 Short Family Tree 
28 THOMAS, Leslie Alexander Carl  24 Jan 1972Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I05677 Short Family Tree 
29 TOLHURST, Alfred John  04 Jul 1946Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I7362 Short Family Tree 
30 TOLHURST, Arthur Henry  26 Jun 1919Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06588 Short Family Tree 
31 TOLHURST, Eleanor Elizabeth  21 Aug 1951Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I6587 Short Family Tree 
32 TOLHURST, Walter  1887Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I06591 Short Family Tree 
33 WALKER, Alfred James  14 Feb 1962Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I9929 Short Family Tree 
34 YOUNG, Joseph Reginald Gordon  5 May 1970Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I534 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 HOLLIDAY, Henry Thomas  27 May 1905Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA I03376 Short Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DOLBEL / KENNEDY  28 Nov 1861Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3279 Short Family Tree 
2 HOLLIDAY / JONES  29 Sep 1906Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1333 Short Family Tree 
3 HOLLIDAY / JUDGES  14 Dec 1909Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F1323 Short Family Tree 
4 JONES / WILLIS  25 Dec 1878Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3283 Short Family Tree Misc 
5 KENDALL / ROBY  19 Feb 1949Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3862 Short Family Tree 
6 LE BRETON / CUMMINS  15 Aug 1936Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F5347 Short Family Tree Misc 
7 POWER / BENNETT  Abt 1881Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3882 Short Family Tree Misc 
8 SHORT / ARROW  19 Apr 1958Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F840 Short Family Tree Misc 
9 SHORT / LEITCH  12 Sep 1953Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F772 Short Family Tree Misc 
10 SHORT / MCSPADDEN  6 Jun 1964Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2607 Short Family Tree Misc 
11 SHORT / TOLHURST  30 Nov 1910Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F0422 Short Family Tree 
12 TOLHURST / BEAHAN  5 Jul 1873Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F2053 Short Family Tree 
13 WALKER / TOLHURST  28 May 1917Penrith, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA F3247 Short Family Tree 

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